13 thoughts on “#IntuneNugget 7- Hybrid Azure AD+ Autopilot |Level 200

  1. Hi,

    Great vdo..

    Is it possible to have vdo on hybrid domain autopilot on VPN?
    Certificate handling via scep Or pkcs.?

    If you have good blog or something please share. Peace ✌

  2. really good explained. I have a couple of questions about preparation. I read that non routable domain names or not supported (means *.local). How shall i handle such an issue what i have to do in front of installation of the connector and the policy creation? Next which ports and and endpoint the connector has to reach, meaning which FW rules i have to establish to get it to work? Is the local login with the email address necessary (meaning login local=AAD)? So all steps before you start with the real are interesting for me. Can you please detail this a bit?

  3. Thank you so much for this video! Appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. This deserves so many more views!

  4. Can we install Intune ODJ connector on DC along with AD connector ?
    i do not want to spin up another server only for AD connect and Intune ODJ connector in my lab

  5. Do you have to create a new OU to put the devices in, or can you use an existing one? If you do have to create a new OU, can you then move the computer object into another OU?
    This will impact the way we link our GPOs. Thanks!

  6. I am getting error "Preparing your device for mobile management (Failed 0x800705b4) on hybrid domain joined.I am performing lab on vmware. Autopilot with Azure ad join work fine ,but autopilot with HYbrid azure ad join having issue. Please suggest.

  7. I was unable to install Intune connector for Active Directory on Server 2016.It is again and again prompting for entering the username and password.It was because of "IE Enhanced Security" enabled by default.Disable the "IE Enhanced Securtity" option.
    After disabling, able to install Intune connector successfully.

  8. Good video. The best part is the flow profess. It could have been about 30min or 1 hour shorter but others may like all the repeating of configs. Also you can add the -online variable to the get-windowsautopilotinfo to have the device upload to Intune automatically so no manual import is needed. Thanks for all the great videos m

  9. just a quick note:
    in hybrid mode, device is register to AAD and joined to AD (not "joined" to AAD).
    its not just terminology – but different device state in azure ad.

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