18 thoughts on “iPage Hosting Account Setup Tips – DON'T Buy These Upgrades

  1. If you sign up for an iPage hosting account don''t opt for sitelock. Don't opt for sitelock on any hosting account regardless of whether you want to take credit card payments or not. Sitelock is a scam.

  2. They shut down my site for month because of virus they said. They scan my sites and it never came back up. Very, Very poor service and a bush of thief. Also, they partner with Sitelock to over charge people for security scan.

  3. Not to take away from the video but after watching it I decided to purchase an ipage account. For the first month or so during the the 30 day money back guarantee period everything was fine. After the 30 days is when ipage went to hell and after doing some research it seems this is common practice for this company. One day while working on my site it mysteriously disappeared A month of work, gone. I contacted ipage and they told me I had exceeded the 75000 an hour database query and said that it must be a plugin that's causing the problem. Just to let you know, depending on what plugins you have installed and even just woo commerce can cause a couple hundred database queries with just one mouse click. After removing all plugins except for woo commerce my site vanished again. This time they give the excuse that the database needs to be optimized. After optimizing the database and working again for 30 min the database itself started not to work and returned an error message when trying to optimize it. I contacted ipage again and this time they couldn't or wouldn't give me a reason why but did tell me if I purchased an upgrade that it would fix my problem. Of course I declined and they still have not responded to the support ticket from 3 days ago. The nightmare goes on and there is A lot more but I think you guys get the point. I told them I would start a vlog to let people know what they are doing and there response was "we host thousands of accounts" letting me know they don't care about mine. Now I feel cheated out of 60 bucks because they also will not let you use a 3rd party ssl certificate you must purchase it from them. This is a real case of buyer beware!

  4. Ipage has stolen my money and refuses to refund me. Customer service also terrible. Notthing against this youtube page just Ipage are theives.

  5. ipage affiliate program is one of the best scams in the world. They never pay affiliate commission, they never respond to queries. promoting ipage is sheer waste of money, instead of making money you will lose money. becareful

  6. Great vid, Thinking of buying some webhosting for myself aswell. Does anyone know a good place to get webhosting?

  7. I had my website on ipage and I lost my data & apps and support was worst nightmare. I was very disappointed with data & apps. They always play like they wanna help you but not true.  

  8. can you help me? i'm subscribed to iPage Essential Hosting Plan  for 1 year and it's $18 just for our thesis and when I visit my Billing Central i got $119.88 more to pay. And i want to unsubscribe to my domain.

  9. Hello,would you please tell me before I can register on Ipage,if their hosting accepts html5,because I have created a website using html5 but i wonder if I do FTPing my files,would it be successful to work?thanks in advance

  10. Just don't use their unlimited hosting if you get too many customers downloading from you they will delete your website without even warning you that you have reached the limit of your unlimited downloads.

  11. i can create a user online registration form. visitors will enter their personal informations, when they click submit button, the form will go directly to my email. can i do that on ipage ?

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