iPage WordPress Tutorial. How to install WordPress on iPage hosting.

iPage WordPress Tutorial. How to install WordPress on iPage hosting.

iPage hosting offers some enticing introductory pricing. In this iPage WordPress tutorial I’ll show you how to install WordPress on iPage hosting.

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iPage is a good choice for cheap hosting because you don’t have to get many years of wordpress hosting to get the best deal. You can use the introductory rate for 1 month, 1 year or 2 years of hosting.

01:00 Which iPage hosting plan should you choose?
01:51 How to register a domain name with iPage
03:06 Domain Privacy
04:14 Should you get an SSL certificate
04:28 Website security
05:05 Website backup option
07:13 Installing WordPress on iPage hosting
09:50 iPage verification email
10:10 How to login to your WordPress website
10:47 Opening the WordPress dashboard for the first time
11:02 Configuring the General setting in WordPress
11:08 Set up a website title and tag line
11:30 Set your local time zone
12:08 How to set your home page
13:04 Setting your permalink. Really Important!!
13:42 Clean up the default pages
13:54 Clean up the default posts
14:09 Jetpack for WordPress, what it is and why you might want to use it.
15:01 Clean up extra plugins
15:56 What is the EIG-SSO WordPress plugin?
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12 thoughts on “iPage WordPress Tutorial. How to install WordPress on iPage hosting.

  1. There are some SERIOUS downsides to using "Domain Privacy." A) It costs money B) If you list someone else in Whois, you don't actually own "your" domain

  2. Why do I get the lousy WP editor with the grey menu bar that only has half the options and no drop down lists? When you put the cursor over settings you can't get to the drop down list with READING to set a static page for homepage. Blog list is stuck there with no way to change it and the editor isn't the ipage server it's from the WordPress site. You got right to it just by signing into WordPress how is that possible? I was chatting with ipage support several times for hours and no one can tell me how to edit my site from my server on ipage. So I can't even get to my site or figure out that trick to get in.

  3. I've been trying all day to get my new website on my ipage account and new sub directoryfile, SSL, and domain pointed to the ipage and j guess there's a few more things.. Migration.. And every time I try to switch websites I get kicked back to the editor on the wordpress site with the grey menu bar and no options to do anything. There's a trick to getting it to open in ipage wordpress editor but no one can figure it out yet.

  4. Hi, great video – thanks for sharing!
    Can I check with you, for the optional "website essentials" eg. Site Backup & Restore, SSL, etc., are you still able to add those later on if you don't add them while you're setting up with iPage?

  5. hi what's the difference between getting the basic hosting and the WordPress hosting? Does it mean you need to pay to install WordPress for the basic hosting if you decide to use WordPress? THank you

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