Is Amazon Web Services Really Worth It? | AWS, GCP, Azure, Vultr, Digital Ocean, & Linode Compared

Is Amazon Web Services Really Worth It? | AWS, GCP, Azure, Vultr, Digital Ocean, & Linode Compared

Is Amazon Web Services worth the cost? I’m comparing the top 6 cloud platforms to break down which one is right for you.

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0:00 – Should you use cloud platforms?
2:22 – Digital Ocean |
5:18 – Vultr |
6:59 – Linode |
9:14 – Amazon Web Services |
13:31 – Azure |
16:22 – Google Cloud Platform |

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20 thoughts on “Is Amazon Web Services Really Worth It? | AWS, GCP, Azure, Vultr, Digital Ocean, & Linode Compared

  1. Great video! I'm starting with AWS, but I always lean to the path of least resistance. Therefore, I may need to try Microsoft Azure.

  2. In my first year using aws, created a wordpress site on lightsail and creating a fullstack app with aws amplify serverless. Although it's quite a beast and a bit intimidating I have had great help with their support which has saved my ass a few times and there are lots of great tutorials and sample projects which I have borrowed from. So I'm only using certain bits of their technology but I'm having trouble with their DataStore offline first database, synchronisation is not easy. Firebase seems like a great service for fullstack apps, Net Ninja has loads of tutorials. Will defo take a look at azure as well, thanks!

  3. digital ocean is the worst cloud hosting service after builling 5$ locked by admin issue. No money refund and no good support, I recommend only 1 thing please don't use digitalocean,aws is expensive but excellent

  4. I'm tech savvy and looked all over in digital ocean and it's too much of a hassle. I have a business to run and no time. I spent 5 hours looking around for answers. digital ocean also doesn't have live chat or phone support. the only support digital ocean has is through their forum….other people using their services.

  5. For the techies you could have talked about technical infrastructure bits offered. For instance the GC pub-sub is MUCH more useful and cost effective than anything similar on AWS imho.

  6. Hey guys!

    Simon here from SnapShooter, Thanks for the mention Christian!

    I thought I would give an update since making the video we now offer native snapshot support for DigitalOcean, AWS and GCP as well as Hetzner and AWS Lightsail!

    As well as tailored backups for applications like WordPress, Laravel, Ghost and many more to come 🙂

  7. For a webapp which uses MySQL + Node + Redis + Apache would you recommend cloud based hosting or a VPS ? (to have a decent working app/bill).
    Great and informative video btw.

  8. Azure draws from Microsoft visual style so if you navigating using the UI, it's a bit of uneven experience. If you use Windows like us, this probably won't be too much problems. In many cases it takes too many clicks to get to the appropiate screen. However this is something that all cloud providers need to work on. The other minor thing about them is their price, the cost really painful, if we compare them with Asphostportal Windows VPS plan, it almost cost us twice. So, we decided to move to Asphostportal Windows VPS plan. It is cheaper, plus features and speed almost same!

  9. I love all these, even mine is hosted there. But in India, I believe buyers don't even know the name of these, they just want you to host on cPanel. AWS is too "tough" to understand for them.

  10. I think I'm going to go with Linode, because even though it has its downsides, I watched a video that said it was the fastest cloud platform.

  11. Thank you so much for the content, I was looking for Squarespace vs Wix comparisons and ur channel really taught me a looot these last 2 days. Domains, private email, WordPress, that GoDaddy sucks and more haha 🙌🏼
    Quick question: Divi or Elementor for WP? (maybe for a future video? 🙂

  12. I like to use GCP because of my android apps, is easy once you get used to. Besides I like to have full control, I like the wordpress thingy, but sometimes, so many plugins that made my life easy, makes me lazy no to learn.
    Is hard doing things from the ground up but the learning does not have price.
    Not to mention that I'm paying little to no money for hosting.

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