Is it feasible to run a Magento 2 store in-house

Is it feasible to run a Magento 2 store in-house

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Running an online store is becoming more expensive as years go by… Now we have expenses for the Designers, Marketing, SEO, etc… We are afraid that if we switch to Magento, we will need to hire another third-party to set it up and manage the changes and other stuff. Moreover, we are planning to open a second brand for similar products and we would require doing everything twice! Because of all this, we are considering hiring somebody to manage everything in-house.

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5 thoughts on “Is it feasible to run a Magento 2 store in-house

  1. Such an informal video, right? Not sure how often I'll post these types of videos. It depends on the questions I guess. Let me know what you think of this style of video. 🙂

  2. Well I found the different opening quite funny, something new =)
    I liked the insides you talked about in the video.
    Lot of things I experience as well – IT really is a live time job you have to love it – 40 a week, perhaps only if you work with MS Office =D
    Most people don`t know what kind of work is behind setting up an server (from zero) and install a functioning online shop.
    You have to learn such a lot of things! It begins with Linux, MySQL, HTML,… and ends with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (never wanted to mess with thoose 😀 )
    Did it myself with opencart and now I am trying out Magento and I am really happy to have found such competent videos on Magento – thanks to you.

    Server – I use some from Netcup (, until now, never had any problems
    Photoshop/Design – yeah copy`n paste! 😀 😀 😀 I think this is why they invented the web design job, if they would have let only pure IT people there… imagine, I think we didnt even have CSS by now 😀

    Bye and have a great week

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