Is Managed VPS Hosting Worth It? Cloudways vs Linode

Is Managed VPS Hosting Worth It? Cloudways vs Linode

Learn how Cloudways compares to hosting your website directly on a VPS like Linode, Vultr, or Digital Ocean in this video review that measures the performance of a WordPress website on each platform.

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Host directly with Linode from $5/mo πŸ‘‰ ($100 free trial credit)

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16 thoughts on “Is Managed VPS Hosting Worth It? Cloudways vs Linode

  1. Really loved your content. Can you make a optimization video on our unmanaged vps so that it performs like cloudways for WordPress.

  2. Hi Tony, Great video! Thanks so much. πŸ™‚ BTW, do you have some other videos or some courses even that demonstrate in a step-by-step manner on what Linux distro you use, how you manage them with WP, do you use Redis install, managing the Linux distro like updates, cPanel, etc? I think you'd make a good teacher. You're clear and concise.

  3. I'm still a newbie trying to understand and learn. This helps so much. Thank you for these videos.
    I had a some doubts. I'm using a VPS to run my VPN service(OpenVPN). I wonder in that case,
    1. Does it affect the performance of the VPN to use Cloudways?
    2. Would I compromise privacy with a managed VPS?

  4. great tony, just right before I'm buy another wordpress/woocommerce hosting plan, I found your videos, and you totally upgraded my visions, which is awesome. i've already have a very slow ecommerce website, i would like to upgrade to cloudways after i watched your videos, as i'm not a technical guy, i found cloudways still offer woocommerce plans as well ,
    but looks like they offer pretty identical functions as vps plans (linode and utrl), which plan will you recommend for ecommerce ? Id there any real benefits if we choose woocommerce plan? can't wait hearing from you.

  5. I'd imagine the geo performance difference is a simple CDN. You can use Cloudflare for free and probably get the same results.

  6. Cloudways beats because it’s installed nginx reverse proxy to Apache for static page and redis caching for sql query plus front end installed varnish caching that’s making number 1 stack right now I trying to experiments on my vps digitalocean so this structure let’s see πŸ™‚

  7. it gives new insights for me, because I think unmanaged VPS default setting will be automatically faster than managed VPS, now you prove that it wrong. so I think cloudways is my good go to.

  8. Your videos are too good, You should be an even more popular man. Do you have any recommendations for SEO beginners?

  9. man u r the best internet bro ever! Your content, language and your style is simple and understanable. Keep goin!

  10. Really interesting, I'm surprised mostly that you couldn't replicate Cloudway's optimisation – as I'm intending to get a client to skip Cloudways and go direct to save them 50% (We're planning 4-6 server setup). Did you spend any time trying to optimise or was it just install and let it stand as-is?

    and I second @John Wellington's comment – I'd love to hear your thoughts on Vultr HD.

  11. Hey, Tony! Can you test the performance between Cloudways 1 GB digitalocean server and Ramnode shared hosting plan?

  12. Hi Tony, Requesting again for the video on OPENLITESPEED ONE CLICK WORDPRESS SOLUTION on digital ocean droplet.

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