IT'S WORKING! Cloud Gaming Server Part 6

IT'S WORKING! Cloud Gaming Server Part 6

It’s working, and yet I’m still disappointed… It’s the conclusion of the Cloud Gaming Server for nVidia GRID and Tesla cards!

But first… What am I drinking???

Tasty from 21st Amendment Brewing (San Leandro, CA), a 6.8% IPA. Honestly, I’ve got nothing good to say, but I’ve also got nothing bad to say. It’s a solid IPA (you might even call it Tasty), but there’s nothing memorable about it. Nothing in the flavor stands out, but it’s exactly what it says it is… a good, Tasty IPA.

Thanks again to ComputerHQ for donating the cards for this project!
Check out for new and used gaming or server parts, or inquire about Corporate Buyouts to sell off your old gear.

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Parts from this build:
nVidia Tesla M60:
Fractal Design Define 7:
EVGA SuperNOVA T2 1600W:
Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3:
Supermicro MBD-H11SSL-I-O Socket SP3:
Seagate FireCuda 510 1TB NVMe:
Seagate IronWolf 110 1.92TB NAS SSD:
Noctua NF-A14 PWM Fans:

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23 thoughts on “IT'S WORKING! Cloud Gaming Server Part 6

  1. Dont know if this was commented . But esxi many games with easy anti cheat and other online multiplayer games don't like vmware vm . This is why I have now switch to kvm not only is it the fastest vm it also allows games to play that has EAC and is free . Just requires knowledge of Linux as it's not as ez as esxi to setup

  2. Right at 7:18 saying you bought a used RX 470 from… (??????). I listened to it 5 times and still don't know what you said. "Towbow"? LOL! I was actually looking for a good used RX 470 for my son'd friend. They seems to be very popular because they're hard to find – unless. one wants a mining version.

  3. Your persistence of this project reminds me of how I got 2x 3TB SAS HDDs in RAID-0 to run on my consumer board with an i7-6700k.

    I love channels that go deep into us trying out industrial use hardware. It's more times than not a cool and nerdy gem. Sometimes hits a dead end, like with your license issue or my first IBM cockblocks at the hardware level, despite on paper being %100 capable -_-.
    These manufacturers lock in companies and it hurts us consumer grade people.

    SAS 3tb 6gb/s is $23.
    SAS reads and writes at a single time while SATA3 is one or the other at a single time.
    Should make a video on that stuff.
    If not I'll beat ya.
    200TB @6gbs/sec for $200 isn't uncommon.

    Thanks for keeping it real !
    Tesla K80 GPUs are $110 now.
    Brought me here. That vram alone to sink with an i-GPU is potential for me for novelty lols.

  4. Kind of expected that they [M60s] would be terrible, but I'm amazed that you got them working! They're really made for CUDA workloads like neural networks and other machine learning… Great storage and great software solutions you figured out! The pricing for licensing on both VMWare and NVidia make it more worth while to passthrough cheap GPUs like GTX 1050s or GTX 1660s!!

  5. chuckles at the pricing for vmware or you could get vmug advantage, pay $200 and get a 1 year license for all of the vmware software and then some then just renew every year. That gives your vsphere enterprise std, 2 full enterprise esxi hosts, NSX, vSAN, Horizon Advanced, and a good chunk of the vrealize suite.

    With AMD now having competitive GPUs with RDNA 2 and Intel coming on I wouldn't be surprised if the GRID near-monopoly on vgpu started getting shaken up and that licensing dropping too. Most of these other companies have discount programs for home labs and these fit nicely into high end homelabs.

    Main issue with this setup (aside from GRID) is the GPU and CPU. CPU is poorly suited to this as you want a minimum all core somewhere in the upper 3ghz range if not 4 ghz. Then the GPU was mis-matched for this just showing how awful the premium is right now as you start approaching reasonable GPU. This is a moderate workstation card designed to give 4 to 8 VDIs the equivalent of a 960 or 950 focused on double precision autocad, solidworks, etc workflows. A T4 or P6 would be a better match mostly because of the new architectures. to give you 1060 ti or similar performance. Unfortunately modern wise your looking at an A40 unless you want to do what the game streaming companies do (shadow, GeForce Now) and just pair a quadro. The slice and dice vGPU is optimized for compute, vGPU density (virtual desktops for VDI), or CAD like workflows. Its not really designed for gaming as they make just way to much money working up those computer and CAD users.
    As someone who has to run some P6 cards in an enterprise, please please kill Nvidia and its monopoly now in vGPU. Once the price barriers come down everything should get better with real competition and it can trickle down into gaming without custom hardware (xCloud, Stadia, etc).

  6. Last comment, look into Teradici Cloud Access which I'm using for high end media clients and unlike previous Teradici solutions, doesn't require a hardware offload card.

  7. Wondering if a Mobo that has a bunch of x8 electrical/x16 physical slots, and then P2000 or similar 1slot Cards in pass thru mode would perhaps be better/easier and eliminate all the software license restrictions.

  8. Nvidia vGPU doesn't dedicate Vida Cores for vGPU instances from everything I know about it.
    Only the vRAM (Video RAM) is dedicated.
    The Nvidia vGPU CLI Tools allow you to configure the mode the Cuda Core sharing uses between 2 (again, from memory).

  9. If you want to play with VMware software in your lab, don't listen to CraftComputing and his "The end is nigh" pricing details.
    Go sign up for VMUG Advantage, which is the VMware Users Group paid subscription.
    You get easy access to a whole bunch of VMware Enterprise products LEGALLY.
    Not to mention a great community of others doing the same thing.

  10. I've been working on a couple different gaming servers with different methods. Thanks for sharing. Haven't tried this yet and now I know why I shouldn't 😅 your loss was our gain

  11. It would be interesting to see whether your results might be different with these cards:

  12. I have a Dell Precision Rack 7910 with a 2070 Super and a Teradici 2 Remote workstation Card in the basement. I use it for gaming with a Dell 7030 Zero client. Works great

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