Joe Pass - How To Make Bebop Melodic

Joe Pass – How To Make Bebop Melodic

Joe Pass is in many ways the definition of solid hard bop and a great place to go if You want to learn to play some melodic lines over chord changes. In this Joe Pass Lesson I am going to break down 4 lines from his solo on There is No Greater Love off the Joy Spring album.

They are really great examples of how to improvise over chord changes and sound like jazz. And You can also learn how there is more to it than just hitting the right notes or playing the right arpeggio. The examples in this video are great for learning some melodic hard bop lines and understanding some of the things you can do to make your bebop solos more melodic. And of course they also demonstrate some of his style and techniques.

There is a reason that I keep recommending his Joe Pass Guitar Style book to all my students.
If you want to check out the book you can do so here: (This is an affiliate link so you support the channel by using it to purchase the book)

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18 thoughts on “Joe Pass – How To Make Bebop Melodic

  1. Hi Jens! Some people like Charlie Parker and Barry Harris look at a ii-V as just V. So in your example F min 7 > Bb7 is approached as 2 bars of Bb 7 hence the Bb altered tones of Joe Pass on the F minor 7

  2. i agree that the virtuosi like Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Wes etc know what works but aren't consciously thinking of what will work, otherwise the moment would have gone. It sounds trite to say they are just playing, but they are, while still applying a lifetime of specialist knowledge. Beginners, it's a long road, intermediates keep going, advanced you're still not there and may never get there but enjoy the trip!

  3. The examples are all amazing, but that last one is really something. Wonderful harmonies. Will have to study that one for a while.

  4. Fantastic lesson, really Jens. I really liked the part where you consider that Joe’s thinking is sometimes more “chords + extensions”, rather than “chord/scale” thing. I find this approach very useful, Django knew nothing about scales, but played all sorts od extensions over chords. I myself sometimes try to think only about what notes I play in relation to root, to chord, ignoring the appropriate “scale”, especially when playing (or at least trying haha) to play Gypsy Jazz… Thanks Jens, you are by far the best educator out there :).

  5. Was going to join but you use Patreon !!!

    I cannot support through Patreon due to its political censorship. Patreon is anti-democratic.

  6. Appreciate the way you show how he combines blues with bop and his frequent use of altered dominant to create tension. Love Joe Pass!

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