Learn Azure in 2021

Learn Azure in 2021

In this video I talk about how I would approach learning Azure in 2021 and resources to use.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Getting Azure access
06:20 Optimizing Azure spend
11:54 Where to begin
13:38 Microsoft documentation
14:47 Microsoft Learn
15:55 Video-based learning
18:05 Certifications
21:00 Stay current
22:35 Closing thoughts


Free Azure account –
Visual Studio credits –
Microsoft Azure docs –
Microsoft learn –
Azure Infrastructure 2021 State of the Union –
Azure Master Class –

Microsoft certification –
Certification poster –
Azure Updates –
Azure Blog –
Azure AD Blog –
Weekly Azure Infrastructure Update –

30 thoughts on “Learn Azure in 2021

  1. Wanted to thank you for the detailed and patiently crafted videos which helped me to pass the AZ-104 exam today. You inspire us to keep on learning! 👍👍

  2. Thank you for the content 💪, it’s really useful and reminds me just how much there is to learn. I’m AZ-103 certified, but I’ve decided to get and pass all 900s this year. So I know “what’s going on out there” and then maybe rethink my current path. Good luck in 2021 John.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful video. I already started learning Azure, but this overview gave me a clear picture about how to learn Azure effectively. Will explore more of your videos. Thanks a ton for putting the effort to help people like me to learn Azure!

  4. I love all your videos, thank you so much for doing them! I haven't read all the comments, but the only thing I will add is that while objects like VMs, VNets etc. do technically use credit, the real credit hog is storage. If you build a sandbox and don't want to rebuild it each time, one option is to copy the disks locally to remove them from Azure, then push them back when you want to use them. This saves all your config, which will use minimal credit.

  5. Thanks for putting effort in this. What i am searching for is more info about advanced topics like Multi-tenancy options for datastorage in azure. And more security related topics like combining enterprise WPF (later winui3) desktop applications with azure storage, api, costs.

  6. John, I'd like to thank you, not only for these great videos and your training skills, but also for your great videos in Pluralsight that help me a lot. I got the 2 Azure Solutions arch. exams (Design one with 907 points! 😊). Thanks!

  7. Excellent guidelines to learning Azure , any suggestions for practice exams for these certifications?

  8. Am I correct in thinking if I sign up to the free Azure account, I will never be charged for anything?
    I am very nervous of accidently adding something and waking up one day to a $500 bill, will resources just turn off if I go over the limit?

  9. Thank you so much, I took a free MS course for AZ900 the other day. Since I can't retain everything they also recommended the free learning path which I am going over now. In that learning path they have the sandbox with an actual task for you to do which doesn't get counted toward your credit, but you do need an Azure account. I hope to take the AZ900 test soon (and pass) to move on to the next cert / class. My one thing I am lost in is yes having access helps me a lot, but I get lost. The sandbox tutorial was cool because I was told, create a WordPress site and do step 1, 2 and 3. This gives me the "experience" to help me understand what I am learning. Do you have / recommend any site that has other examples to build in Azure? Again to your point I wouldn't keep these resources up and running, but just building something would help me learn how to navigate the site better rather than just clicking link randomly. Again thank you very much for you insight and knowledge it was very helpful to me.

  10. Yeah, it's a plan for this year. Getting a lot of work around design azure based environments. Got knowledge of bits and pieces but rewlly need to spend yhis year to join the dots. Loving the vids btw , lucky to have a pluralsight account so I'll check out your vids on there too?

  11. i came here from reddit. i watched the entire video and am glad i didnt waste a single minute. definitely will be going through your playlists and learn a lot from you. thank you.

  12. Very well crafted guidelines for the beginners and for the experienced. Much appreciated. Thanks much for all your hardwork John. It really helps.

  13. As alway's John, your instruction is great and you are consistently improving the delivery… I am learning more all the time!! I understand there's another tool out there called Azure Labs. I'd love to see a session on this tool: purpose, implementation, and scenarios. Lastly, demo tenants are not available to everyone; I use these to help test/learn Azure and M365; I'd love to see these or something similar made available to John-q Public. They are very helpful especially with pre-filled data, users and subscriptions/licenses. They really enhance the learning process. Thank you John for your outstanding teaching and mentorship!

  14. I really really appreciate the courtesy to make all these contents available without a single forced Ads. It's super annoying and demotivating to keep interrupted by Ads on other channels. Its lucky that you are making all these available to aid the learning!

  15. my 2 cents – if you are new to Azure I probably wouldnt bother with a fundamentals cert – do the course but just move on to the next level and spend the cert fee there – personally I dont think a fundamentals cert is of any real value.

  16. MS should increase the $200 expiry to a year – a month passes very quickly and I just didnt know enough to make good use of it.

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