Learn to connect: PowerApps Excel Spreadsheet hosted in OneDrive

Learn to connect: PowerApps Excel Spreadsheet hosted in OneDrive

Do you want to learn to use PowerApps Excel Spreadsheets? Then this video is for you. We take an Excel workbook hosted in OneDrive for Business and use it …

48 thoughts on “Learn to connect: PowerApps Excel Spreadsheet hosted in OneDrive

  1. Great video. Additional info people might want to know is that PoweApps add an indexing column to your Excel Tables.

  2. thanks for the tutorial video. do you have the next video where you use a dropdown menu using your same excel file on the "departments" to your powerapps?

    appreciate your kind reply god bless

  3. Your video is great!!!
    Bty, I want to know how make a excel file inculing image, and load a image from excel file in onedrive. If you have a video, please let me have your advice!!!

  4. Hi Shane nice video, now i create powerapps with excel datasource but i should share with other user my bos need don't share excel cause all people can view , can you advice what datasource should be use without share but user can use my Apps? ( this Apps for Leave management ).

  5. Hi @shane, thank you for you app videos, there is a question from me, how do we know when someone is open the excel(because we can't do any updating if someone open the excel)

  6. Hi, Can we get the content of excel and get the count of number of columns and check ordering of columns in power app?

    The requirement for us is to compare 2 excel column count and column ordering is same or not.

  7. Hi Shane!! great video (as allways). My app is showing frecuently an error when try to connect with Excel, saying that the file is locked. I'm not sure why. Any suggestions? thanks!

  8. Hi Shane. I'm a fan of your video lectures and teaching style. I wanna build your quiz app but wanna use excel as a datasource. I created 2 tables: one containing questions & options and another containing details of people attemting quiz. Please tell me how to work with them in Powerapps ?

  9. Great video – but do you have a video that shows how to connect to Excel spreadsheet placed in Teams – i am not able to find the proper connector and find the Excel fil on the sharepoint behind the Team…?

  10. Thanks Shane. Shane you make Great Video for Education and also have a lot of ideas that you share and ask us explore. Keep up the good work. I have a quick question. I have a Employee Sharepoint list which has a field called Date Of Joining. Is there a way you can help with to show a dot on a Powerapps Calendar screen and when clicked shows the data of the person. Any help or work around appreciated. Also If you have tutorial video on this please share the link.

  11. Thank you for the great video Shane! Can we add some extra fields in the app and pass any new info to the original Excel file? ie have two fields in the employee page on the app for example "Promotion Date" and "New Salary post Promotion" that we will fill in manually as inputs in the app and then these will get added as columns in the excel table at One Drive.
    also, you do mention in your comments that your prefer SharePoint over Excel as a data source. how can we add this file to a sharepoint and get a similar experience?

  12. Thanks Shane, Informative Video. I am working on app for Inspection checklist however i am having multiple check points which does not fit in one screen. i am importing this table from excel which is stored in one drive. what is the way out to display checkpoints in multiple screens?

  13. Hello Shane, Could you please advise how we can connect to an Excel shared with me on Onedrive. As I'm creating an app for different team, I don't want the ownership of this excel file. So that when I have created the app for them, I wouldn't have access to thier data later.

  14. Hi Shane! I have a Glossary Power App I created with an imported Excel spreadsheet. I've recently been making a lot of changes in the spreadsheet and have been re-importing the new version. Can I change the source from import to a link to OneDrive and simply refresh the spreadsheet when changes are made? Thanks, appreciate any help.

  15. Hi Shane! Thanks for the great video! This is something we can definitely use for our employee data. Is it possible to use PowerApps to create a visual seating chart or org chart, so that we could see those in a visual way that shows desk layouts or office hierarchies, and then by clicking on a name or seat number be taken to employee data? if you have videos that show those general tools, could you share the names or suggest search words? Thank you!!!

  16. Hey Shane, One question I have been wondering about is that when sharing an app, you are reminded to make sure that the users also have access to the data source. For example, when I have excel in one drive as a data source, I have not seen any video as to how to provide access to this data source. Do you have a video, or resource that shows that? Thanks

  17. Hi Shane, I'm trying to create a power app that will automatically "check" a checkbox when I link to an excel sheet on my OneDrive. So for example, if employees attended training session "A" but not training session "B" a checkmark would only appear on training session "A" only. Any insights here? attendance is being tracked on the excel sheet I upload to my OneDrive.

  18. Hi Shane .
    Xl data from OneDrive is not showing up in Powerapps for few users n few users can see !! Wondering why it's happening .. I checked and everyone has same Access

  19. This has helped me a lot on my first app Shane. The only thing that I cant seem to find is how to code the save button patch a field in excel. Submitting a form creates a whole new record which I don't want to do. I know it may be different in SharePoint but I am using excel.

  20. Hi Shane….Big fan from India….Is there any way to transfer data from one excel to another,Because i have created an gallery whose data source is an empty excel sheet (call it as source) so that my client can add items and at the send the added items in mail. After that he will delete the items therefore before he deletes the data i want it to be updated or added in another gallery whose data source is an another excel sheet(call it as destination)

  21. This video has been a great help in order to make my first app. I've just to find out now how I can 'activate' phone numbers in order to dial directly if we select the number. Any tip or trick is certainly welcome!

  22. Do you have a video on what to do if your Excel spreadsheet won't connect when you create an app from an existing spreadsheet?

  23. Hey Shane, we have also noticed that f the spreadsheet is living in onedrive or sharepoint and we try to write a row using patch, we get an error that the file is locked… how do you avoid these issues? i thougt in SPOL you could edit document concurrently.

  24. Hey Shane, Is it possible to dynamically change your excel data source dynamically…
    let's say you are writing thousands of rows in a spreadsheet each month and you want that spreadsheet to roll over every month..
    My boss doesn't want to write to a database, so our only option is to write monthly data to their own spreadsheet.

  25. I just got tasked with figuring out PowerApps for my company and came across your video. Love it! Awesome content and great work.

  26. Thanks for this. Do you know if it's possible to connect to a spreadsheet that's stored in an Office 365 Group's OneDrive?

  27. Great Video! When you PowerApp brings in my questions from the Excel table it does not bring over all the questions. It brings in 8 out of the 10. Anybody here know why that is?

  28. Hi Shane, great video, thanks for post it. Is there any way to connect an excel spreadsheet hosted in Sharepoint? I can't find anything…

  29. Hello,

    I am following your channel, I am doing the powers apps course, I am from Spain and I have a question, the formula only works "ColorValue (ThisItem.Color)" if the color field is in English. It is true?

  30. Shane thanks to your videos a builted an app to track direct hours for different projects I was the king of the office for a week but suddenly the excel table info lost format and the was damaged I think, the column dates turn into a bunch of ############ characters. Do you know what could have happened?

  31. Thank you, i have a question, i share my app ( excel in one drive for company) with my collegue but it does not run, app tell him that he has not access to the excel table. What is wrong in my app?

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