32 thoughts on “Learn to Deploy your Docker Container on EC2 in 15 Minutes

  1. Short and crisp!
    I was wondering if you help me with my use case.
    I have a aws linux docker image in which I have installed an app 'pdf2svg' and planning to install npm and nodejs so that I can my app which needs the pdf2svg plug in.

    How do I upload this docker image on aws or do the same set of things in ec2.

    Any help will be highly appreciated

  2. This is in response to Kanhaiyas's comments: Kanhaiya, overall what he is done is 99% good as per me. There could be issues, that's fine for me. Why do I feel so? – Today – there are only a FEW people who actually share solid 'how-to/tacit' knowledge. Many share only the theory. Many DONT share because they are selfish (most people are in this category). So compared to the 90% of people who don't share real stuff, people like Soumil should definitely be given more support, because he does help. And for the points, you raised regarding Sudo (maybe he was not aware / overlooked this – because he is programming and not a sys admin) and regarding ec2 (clearly he was excited and dint read the RHS). 'Felt like a student coming for the viva with expected question learned by heart' is plainly and utterly wrong – because he has done this entire stuff of deployment himself (show me the textbook from where he byhearted). Someone applied knowledge, and you say the exact reverse! Reg, donkey work, his was a decent job may be he can improve later on. Take away is you can speak of the 5% issues, no issues, but you should also speak of the 95% positive things. Not just that, look at the market, when only 5% share knowledge, intellectuals like you don't talk about the remaining 95% (who share nothing).

  3. Thanks for this video. It is very nicely described. As a beginner in cloud and devops it was very helpful for me. I deployed a mean stack application. Only thing is need to get the public IP of instance as node environment variable as it is changing every time I am starting the instance. please let me know how to solve this.

  4. When we are closing the terminal/putty automatically my spring boot application goes down.

    is there any way to deploy permanently or at least for month in EC2?

  5. Sad to say this mate but you act too oversmart in what you're showing here.

    You're showing just the beginner stuff whether it's a Linux thing or setting up EC2 instance.

    Just copying commands doesn't make you smart, I'm sure you never got the problem why docker daemon never connected when you tried without sudo but leave.

    Whatever you demonstrated here is not at all scalable.

    I came here in the hope of getting to know about ECS setup with ECR registry including load balancer and serving containers through separate EC2 instances which would make it scalable and easy to manage.

    Take this criticism as a constructive feedback from one of your viewers and work on it.

    You surely can do better than this 🙂

  6. Can you please tell me how to run docker-compose service infinitly as if I exit terminal server stops and i am not able to access apis

  7. I have Automated the way of installing it: https://gist.github.com/AllieUbisse/67af68e412e0930579714925ce09b6f4

  8. I have a question – if I had an app made with Flask, React and using MongoDB, and dockerized it, would the steps to deploy it to AWS still be the same as in this video?

  9. It was the most useless 14:13 minutes I spent. You don't see that you are installing packages at root level and trying to run services at user level. Secondly, you can't even read the Public IP and Private IP tags written in EC2 console. Felt like a student coming for viva with expected question learned by heart already…. you should have explanation if you understand what and why you are doing. that was just a donkey work! sorry dude…

  10. Why do you need nginx if you can just let aws handle the load balancing for you. You're also creating a docker container through AWS, not using "your" docker container that you already have…

  11. Have you considered making good video that is well thought out and clearly explained, rather then type in all the commands that you know at million clicks per minute and hope that something will work?
    Slow down. Take a deep breath and think – why are you making these videos…

  12. Brother, I'm having a website instance in EC2 whith a domain name and how to deploy docker in the same domain name with different port
    For example if my website runs in www.xyz.com, I need to deploy my docker in www.xyz.com:8000
    Becoz the docker instance is a feature to my website.

  13. In the github repo, I think that you miss the last "docker-compose" command that you ran on the server right?
    sudo docker-compose build

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