Let's Build an Azure Website and SQL Database from Scratch!

Let's Build an Azure Website and SQL Database from Scratch!

Whoa! In this video we cover some serious ground. We’re going to build a web form in Visual Studio, provision space in Azure for the web site and a SQL database, build the application back end in SQL Server Management Studio, and then publish it all to Azure and test it out. Best of all, we are going to do the whole thing for FREE!

31 thoughts on “Let's Build an Azure Website and SQL Database from Scratch!

  1. If anybody is struggling when running the page, getting error CS1061, you will have to go the Webform source code (the html page he show for the button layout) and change the section "OnClick", or whatever the option you are using has (it could be "onCheckedChanged" for checkbox), and add the word "Client" after the "On" ("OnClientClick", "OnClientCheckedChanged").

  2. I'm getting a runtime error, any idea how it can be fixed. "The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely "

  3. It’s a pity you didn’t think about the size of font in your demo. You focus on an area less that one third of the screen making it impossible to follow on a small laptop or iPad. Think about your audience accessibility when producing video then the quality of your work can be better appreciated 👎

  4. Good video. Please remember not everyone has large screen to view your environment with such small text. I often use my iPad for training, so it would be great in future video’s if you considered people who work with these devices and enlarge the relevant text. 👍

  5. Hi Great video. I followed along up until the submit button set up. that's when I realized my back end code is actually apsx.vb not C#. I've tried adding a cs controller but it seems MVC project just defaults to vb. is there an easy fix?

  6. I don’t know why but the solution explorer in right hand side is giving me the creeps
    But really great TUT overall hats off

  7. In the azure settings (note I haven't even started this yet)…Is there a place you can change the website address, so when the user types mywebpage.co.uk it will go there instead of typing an azure address ?

  8. Thanks, that's really powerful video! There is only one thing when I tryed to repeat your steps, it was different Web.config. So it was not clear where to paste that piese of XML code with "Home.html"

  9. Can we use Visual Studio instead of using microsoft sql server management studio to manage database ?? As Visual Studio itself provides that feature.

  10. Hy thanks for the video its really helpful, actually i havd a question can we develop the website after publishing or it is a good practice or not

  11. Nice video…was interesting if you showed how your leptop can reaches az sqlserver server directly.
    Is server published on internet (in this case where you had set up a public IP
    Did Use a vpn(how was it implemented )
    These above are importants in order to show the whole process implementation from scratch

  12. Thanks a lot… Very informative and worth spending 45 mins for the understanding of Azure SQL DB, web deployment, store procedures and dev of web application… Good job done

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