Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails - Discussion Forum - Discussion Views - Part 5

Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails – Discussion Forum – Discussion Views – Part 5

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PART 5 of 9

Continuing my long stent of Ruby on Rails builds is yet another build which focuses more on relationships in a real-world discussion forum application.

The application on the outside looks a little bleak but I promise there is a lot going on under the hood of which you could extend to be something very feature rich.

### The Goals of the application

To create a discussion forum with appropriate channels. Every discussion will belong to a channel and an author. The author can manage their own discussion by editing or deleting it at any time once logged in. If a user has admin privileges they can manage any user’s discussions and replies. Any discussion can have many replies which is what makes forums so great for a community based application.

Some key features of this application include:

+ Markdown support and syntax highlighting for code snippets
+ Validations
+ Admin user roles
+ Prettier URLS
+ Ajax replies ( load automatically on submit rather than a full page refresh )

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2 thoughts on “Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails – Discussion Forum – Discussion Views – Part 5

  1. Hey Andy, great job as always. How can I pull in the data for the select form without simple form? I'm using Jump Start Pro and the forms are already styled.

  2. Hi, I really appreciate these videos. I was wondering if you could let me know where does the strip_markdown function come from?? I'm really sorry if this was really clearly stated in another video! I am wondering because I get an error telling me the function doesn't exist so I must have missed something along the way, but I"m not sure where to look for an error.

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