Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails - Extending Devise Series - Adding Custom Fields

Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails – Extending Devise Series – Adding Custom Fields

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Devise is a ruby gem I use in nearly any Rails app. Authentication is a not so simple concept to master and as a result Devise has stood to be one of the most popular to help with this repetitive problem on Ruby on Rails applications.

This post is the first of many that will take a look at extending devise to work with you rather than against. My goal is to start off with the basics and then move into more advanced customizations like OmniAuth, inviting users, acting as users, and much more. I’ll be republishing this post as new installments get complete so in the end, there will be a larger collection.

To kick things off I’ll touch on adding custom fields to a given Devise install. Rather than adhering to the defaults that ship with the gem, we will extend it to include two new fields. One is a terms and conditions checkbox and the other being the location of a given user.

All of these fields are presented to the user when first signing up. I’ll extend the already generated devise view to include the new fields. As an added bonus, I’ll add in some geo-location (thanks to another gem) to pinpoint the user’s location during sign up.

### Prerequisites

In this tutorial I’m using a template I created previously called kickoff_tailwind. You can download it here It comes with some general configuration taken care of as well as installing the Devise gem itself. If you are brand new to devise I recommend [installing it on your own]( first to understand how it hooks into a given model within your Rails app.

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