Linux Mint 19.3 and GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive

Linux Mint 19.3 and GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive

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How to install cloud client application and sync your personal files with cloud services.
1. Dropbox
2. Google Drive
3. Microsoft OneDrive

A- OneDrive needs to start once from console with command:

B- Commands for OneDrive to enable auto sync:
systemctl –user enable onedrive
systemctl –user start onedrive

11 thoughts on “Linux Mint 19.3 and GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive

  1. Watch the full series here in this playlist of Linux Mint 19.3 :

  2. you save me!!, years looking for how to do it and you arrive and you solve it, have your like a good man. Thanks, greetings from Mexico

  3. Hi, i made all process for one drive and it worked but for few time it worked syndronized but stoped. What can i do? thanks

  4. Just as a friendly FYI the 'skilion' OneDrive client was abandoned in 2018 and is now maintained here ->

  5. The desktop Dropbox client is unfortunately now limited to 3 devices (all OS's) but works very well with Linux. Mega is another option with a Linux installer from their website and no limits to devices. Great to see how GoogleDrive integrates in the Mint accounts manager. Had no idea OneDrive was possible as an app on LM, even though it's complex. Thanks for the interesting video!

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