Live Stream Zoom Meetings with Speaker View & Grid View

Live Stream Zoom Meetings with Speaker View & Grid View

Check out our past videos if you have not been following along… How to use NDI with Zoom –

How to connect OBS to Zoom –

How to connect vMIx to Zoom –

Another viewer request. How the heck do we manage to combine two Zoom views into a single broadcast layout? Here it is. Full blog post coming soon.

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39 thoughts on “Live Stream Zoom Meetings with Speaker View & Grid View

  1. Very interesting video. I nevertheless have a difficulty: the solution appears clear for acquiring speaker view (main computer 1) and grid view (computer 2 / laptop) into Vmix/Obs and then streaming the composed video from Vmix / Obs; but I am not sure to understand how such composed video (input back to zoom as local video sourcefor main computer) can be seen by Zoom participants if you are currently capturing the speaker in speaker view in main computer. In speaker view only speaker's video is displayed in main computer as in participants computers. The composed video should be spotlighed in order to be seen by other participants which n that case prevents from acquiring the current speaker video in main computer.

  2. i love the way you set up meetings via zoom and OBS. Everything is working so good but i have an issue bringing my video back to Zoom, it makes an unending video loop. Im using NDI capturing the gallery view and the other one capturing the speaker view, but every time i want to spotlight my video comes the problem. My solution is just pinning someone speaking but it takes time searching that participants, i want it automatic. Bringing it to live stream was not a problem only on Zoom. Any suggestions sir. Thank you

  3. Are you bringing in the zoom call and going back out to the same Zoom call, or somewhere like YouTube?

  4. @StreamGeeks: Is it possible to view less video screens, per page, in gallery view?

    For example seeing, 9 videos per page as opposed to more than that.

  5. Thanks for the video. When the host is speaking, will the host not be highlighted in the speaker view and the cohost view would be problematic. I might be missing something?

  6. If i have 3 zoom meetings going at once could I use this method to allow all of the people in each meeting to see something I am sharing on my screen?

  7. Are you assuming that viewers know what you are referencing about NDI? I have no idea what you mean with NDI…

  8. Actually there is more promise with Streamyard kind of solutions where all this happens on the cloud with very powerful computing and my local system need not be so powerful to execute on any of these things.

  9. After starting OBS & Virtual camera + Zoom client open on my office laptop at 4 core processor with 8 GB RAM it is already screaming for air. I tried adding an NDI input once via skype for content creators and bringing that guest to the zoom meeting via overlay, and everything froze. So i have given up till I have a 6 or 8 core processor and a better graphics card.

  10. This started out being really clear, but got more and more confusing as you went. This is the first video I've seen from your channel, and it sounds like you're assuming your viewers know what you've published before. I haven't got a clue about NDI or the "other solutions" you referenced. What TYPE of "other solutions"? Also, it's not clear how all this gets streamed to anything.

  11. Interesting! However if I understood correctly this applies only to the way the meeting is streamed and that meeting participants will see none of this during the meeting, no? I believe they only view their zoom as they would have set it.

  12. Thank you for sharing these incredible information with us.
    Which webcam you are using that could zoom in and out.?

  13. Super brother,, , I wanna make my screen as a two parts, half part of the screen I wanna show some event, remaining part I wanna show single, or two or 3 participants as per my convince in a bulk participants like more than 60 numbers.. How could I do breakout or split screen? And I wanna give live stream on YouTube… pls tell me…

  14. How is it possible to show the speaker view without the video loop if I spotlight the gallery view I cant see the one who is talking in the speaker view

  15. I'm looking for a very specific solution, hope anyone can help.
    I'm going to run a webinar in zoom, both speakers will be at their homes in different countries.
    I would like to use OBS so I can add some designs to their streams and alternate the speakers with local videos on my computer.
    Do I need to have two computers via NDI, one with a zoom meeting capturing the speakers and the other as the only "panelist" on a second zoom but this time set as webinar??
    Please help!

  16. I am trying to figure out how to broadcast our in-person Rotary meeting that can have a camera on our speaker and a camera on the audience also. Lastly- we would like to be able to share those logged in via zoom to those that are in person.

    I see your videos – but struggling to put everything together. Do any specific videos touch on this??

  17. When you are bringing a speaker from Zoom and running through Vmix/OBS back to Zoom, do you need your audio to be muted and be video only in order to avoid feedback?

  18. The headset you are using is wireless?does it include in ear monitor or it is only a microphone?? I noticed you can walk around freely… If it is wireless + in ear monitor + microphone = that is NICE!!! 🙂 What brand/model are you using?

  19. This is great,
    I have a question for you guys, if i want to stream our Conferences which attended by 100-500 people, and its private where people need to register before being able to join the streaming and i also want to embed that live streaming on our website while keep the interaction tools working,
    can you please suggest a system that can help doing this?

  20. Instead of connecting a second computer to the network switch, is it possible to connect an iPad instead?

  21. There appears to be so many steps missing in this video, I can only wonder if someone could be very clear in another video and show us literally step by step from beginning (scratch) to end? I think most people would like to see that. I would!!

  22. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
    I came across a similar setup but I believe with a different approach and couldn't figure out how it was achieved.
    Would you be able to shed some light on it?
    Reference links:
    FB Live (
    Image (

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