Lock Down Your Node Modules With NPM Shrinkwrap

Lock Down Your Node Modules With NPM Shrinkwrap

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11 thoughts on “Lock Down Your Node Modules With NPM Shrinkwrap

  1. Hi @Pentacode, I tried to experiment on this, but problem I faced is, the shrinkwrap will get updated or resets, if you try to install new dependency.
    You have installed express with some version 3.X.X and this express requires its own dependency of 2.X.X.
    Now, I used shrinkwrap to change version of nested dependency to 3.X.X. It works after doing changes with npm i.
    But as soon as I install new package like nodemon, etc. The Shrinkwrap resets 3.X.X, back to 2.X.X.
    Have you faced this issue?

  2. will shrinkwrap freeze the entire dependency tree or just my direct dependencies or one or two levels only?

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