Magento 2 WMS Mobile App | Warehouse Management System - Overview

Magento 2 WMS Mobile App | Warehouse Management System – Overview

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App for Magento 2 provides the mobile app to the warehouse staff to manage the orders arrived for delivery at the warehouse. It also helps the admin to manage the warehouse very easily. Also, it allows the admin to manage the product assigned in the source warehouse.

For each source in the Magento MSI feature, a warehouse can be assigned. Also, the admin can define its structure (number of rows, columns, Shelves Per Cluster, and racks per shelf). The Admin has the feature to assign the product to the racks available in the warehouse.

The admin can assign the products of an order to the different warehouses and their staff. The staff of the warehouse can easily manage the orders assigned to them by the admin through the WMS app.

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4. Mobikul Website(complete mobile related apps) – [ ].

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