MagicSpam Installation Guide for DirectAdmin

MagicSpam Installation Guide for DirectAdmin

Thank you for your interest in MagicSpam! 

This video is a walk through of the purchase and installation process of MagicSpam – the only integrated anti-spam solution for DirectAdmin!

MagicSpam is a simple to use solution designed to block spam messages right at the SMTP level, reducing overhead and bandwidth – or in more simple terms – cost to operate. 

We can now get started with four easy steps! 

Step One: Purchase a License 

The very first thing you want to do is go to the store over at – simply click on the ‘store’ link to access our convenient online store. 

On the left-hand panel, select “DirectAdmin.” Here, you can see your buying options; right now, only the Basic Plan is available for DirectAdmin. 

Click “Buy Now,” and then you will move on to the billing stage. Make sure you enter all of the correct information, and click  “Complete Purchase”  to continue. 

Once that s completed, you will be taken to the confirmation screen. Again, make sure all of your information is correct, and be sure to copy down your license key — you’ll need it later!  Don’t worry if you accidentally close this window – you will be sent a copy to your email as well! 

Step Two: Download 

You will now go to the download page at — as you can see there’s a handy link right here. 

Select your operating system — for this example, we’ll use Cloud Linux 7 — and click the download link. You now have your magicspam package on your computer.  You may want to take the chance to download the ‘installation and user guide’ while you are here. 

Step Three: Install 

You can now upload the magicspam package to your DirectAdmin server using either your favorite file transfer method, or you can log in to the DirectAdmin interface as an ‘admin’ user 

Select  “Upload Files”  at the bottom of the page, and a new window will open. Then, find your magicspam package and select “Upload.” Magicspam is now a part of your DirectAdmin server. But you’re not done yet! 

Next, log in to your DirectAdmin server using SSH or your favourite console access tool and run the following commands. 

(Ensure that you use the correct commands for your OS distribution and replace the path to match your downloaded package. If you are upgrading, it is recommended that the old package be completely removed prior to installing the new package.)

rpm -i [path to MagicSpam RPM package]
dpkg -i [path to MagicSpam DEB package]

rpm -Uvh [path to MagicSpam RPM package]
dpkg -i [path to MagicSpam DEB package]

NOTE: the “dpkg” command for upgrade is the same as the “fresh install” command. During installation, you may see some notices informing you of the Cron daemon being restarted or the creation of files. These notices are expected, so do allow a few moments for the installation to complete. Once the installation is complete, you will be
returned to the command prompt and greeted with a message similar to the following: “Installation complete! Your next step is to point a web browser to your DirectAdmin interface and launch MagicSpam to configure!”

Once the commands are run, that’s it. Magicspam is now completely installed  on your server. 

Step Four: Configure 

Let’s go back to your DirectAdmin page — you should now have a MagicSpam Plugin link you can click on to access the management interface. Enter in your license key, and you can see that your magicspam protection is instantly enabled. An information window will pop up; take a moment to read it over, and exit when you are ready. Please take a moment to ensure the ‘admin email’ address is correct and set to an actively monitored mailbox as critical notices will be sent to this address. 

Now let’s start with the Dashboard. This is where you can see more information on the messages that are coming through, based on sender, recipient, or source IP address. For more details on activity, we have a convenient log search tool.  You also have the option to filter your search; right now, we want to see everything, so we re going to go with “All.”  This takes you to a list of all of your results, with a much more detailed view. Here, you’re able to blacklist or whitelist any sender with a single click. You can also download this information in a CSV file that you can open in any popular spread sheet program. 

As you can see, MagicSpam provides detailed statistics; you can get almost any information you need   and you can see we ve got some nice graphs and charts here to make it easy to see what is happening at a glance. If you need any additional information, or more help with installation, visit our forums, contact us on twitter, or email our support team at [email protected]    

Thank you and Happy Spam Blocking!


“Optimistic Corporate – Yuriy Bespalov”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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