Making Money with the Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google

Making Money with the Cloud – AWS, Azure, Google

How to make money by learning Cloud Services. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, these big name cloud solution providers can help you.

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Sony a9(Main Camera):
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Google Pixel 2 XL(Side Camera):
Zoom H1 Digital Recorder:
Giant Squid Microphone:
Flexispot 47″ Sit Stand Desk:
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21 thoughts on “Making Money with the Cloud – AWS, Azure, Google

  1. jesus fucking christ .. aws is amazon azure is ms u can host apps, google is great .. aws is amazon .. u can host apps and dbs on azure and aws .. fucking christ man ..this video should be banned by youtube and should be against terms and conditions or something

  2. Currently, a senior in college and just passed my AWS cloud practitioner. I have zero experience. Should I purse the AWS solution architecture or turn to security +? Not really sure where I want to go,

  3. In terms of certification, AWS is the lowest costing fee and Google cloud is the most expensive certification fee.

    AWS $100 to $150
    Microsoft Azure $165
    Google cloud $200

  4. Thanks for the Video. For Azure Data engineer exam, I provided tips at
    Medium blog:

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  6. an exceptional on-line jobs provider is one b i z Opp . co M . it will enable you to invigorate hundrands of dollars easy and fast.

  7. I was a Linux snob most of my IT career and bashed Microsoft. However, with time I learned that supporting Microsoft payed the bills more than supporting Linux did. Linux hardly breaks and needs very little maintenance when it is well deployed. Now don't get me wrong, I still love Linux and its power and what it can do, but the reality is that wanting to only work with Linux isn't going to open doors for you in the IT industry like working with Microsoft. I do think that unless you have a government, medical or specialized business type contracts doing cloud or other back end systems work, you won't get to play with Linux as much as you would like to and if you do, it would probably all be GUI based. You have to work with Microsoft, whether you like it or not, if you want more opportunities because everybody uses it, and it starts acting up sooner or later and it thus will need support. I tell people this now, If it wasn't for Microsoft, I'd be out of a job. And now, Azure got the JEDI contract with the Pentagon, so I wouldn't shun it so easily. Just my opinion.

  8. Hello – after one gets aws certified , and obtains certificates, does that mean you can get a top paying job with no experience?

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