Manage multiple websites using CPanel on Google cloud

Manage multiple websites using CPanel on Google cloud

In this Google Cloud platform tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to install WHM and Cpanel using Vm instance on Google Cloud. This GCP tutorial contains a brief overview of cpanel which you can manage static website, wordpress website and php site on one vm instance.

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8 thoughts on “Manage multiple websites using CPanel on Google cloud

  1. Maybe I missed it during the video, but in the " General information" section of cpanel it says " primary Domain ( self-signed certificate) in red. When I clicked on the fix symbol I get sent to the ssl page and am told I don't have a dedicated up address. How do I fix that? I have a wordpress site already that I set up a few months ago and all I wanted was an easier way to update my php when needed.( Hence cpanel through Google cloud). How do I https my cpanel and make things more secure when I'm trying to update? I did find everything else helpful though. Thank you.

  2. After installing exactly like the video showing I wasn’t able to login to whm at all. I kept getting an invalid user and password.
    Also looked online for solutions, couldn’t really find one. Is anybody else having the same problem?

  3. hello sir…
    can we install windows server (rdp) in Ubuntu vps like in digitalocan…
    I want to install windows server on Google cloud trial acc without activation of billing…
    please make a tutorial on it.

  4. Hello bro, thanks for the all of your amazing videos ! I just want to ask u about how to host a php script like xerochat using google cloud platform. Thanks 🙂 subscribed too 😉

  5. This tutorial is the bomb! I have been wanting to know how to add cPanel to Google cloud for a long time. Now I know, thanks 🙂

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