Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders) | WP Learning Lab

Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders) | WP Learning Lab

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Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders)

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to manually restore your WordPress site from a backup. We will restore the database, files and folders.

The free versions of a lot of WordPress backup plugins don’t have an automatic restore function so if you need to restore your website you have to do it manually.

First let’s upload your WordPress website files and folders. Log into your hosting cPanel account and click on File Manager. Open the root of the WordPress website you’re restoring.

Once you’re in the root upload the ZIP file that contains all your WordPress site files and folders. Once uploaded select all the files in your website root, except for the ZIP, and delete them.

Now click on the ZIP file and click on Extract. That will place all the site files in the root directory.

Now let’s restore WordPress database.

Go back into your hosting account cPanel and open the PHPMyAdmin app.

When it loads find your database name in the left hand column and click on it. All of the tables should load in the middle pane. Check the box to the left of all the tables to select them and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

From the drop down select Drop and then click on Go and then Yes on the next page. This will delete your entire WordPress website database.

Now click on the Import tab at the top. Click on the Browse button and find your .sql backup file and click on Open. Then click on Go and your database will be uploaded.

That’s all there is to restoring WordPress and restore WP database.. I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.


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41 thoughts on “Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders) | WP Learning Lab

  1. Thank you won’t be enough for what you’ve done for me KELLYYTOOLZSZ on IG. But, let me try a little. Thanks a lot for your support!..

  2. Thank you won’t be enough for what you’ve done for me KELLYYTOOLZSZ on IG. But, let me try a little. Thanks a lot for your support!..

  3. Hello Thanks for your tutorials…in my work want from me to add some thing like snapADDY imprint crawler in our WordPress site ….so is there any ideas how to do that please I would be appreciate…

  4. I made the mistake of importing data to my WordPress. Now I can't change the homepage. I got the Jetpack Backup software only after I made this mistake should I delete my whole website and start over? Make a new website?

  5. I was building a wordpress site on my localhost and would periodically back it up to an external hard drive. I recently updated to a more recent version of XAMPP. I created a new database for my site using the same info as before and pasted a copy of my site's entire folder from its last backup into the htdocs folder. But when I login to my dashboard nothing is there except my plugins and of course when I type in the URL I get the "Hello World" page. Should I attempt to do what's in the video or is there another way?

  6. Hi, i'm getting hard time restoring websites after it got hacked, all the files from FTP has been deleted. Hostinger is closed and cannot do anything.

  7. Hi Bjorn,

    Thank you for all your great videos.

    I am working locally and my Apache has stopped working. And is was wondering if and how I can adopt the appoach you are shopwing here.

    Can I make a backup of my WordPress site and transfer it when I have reinstall Xammp?

    How to do this best, so I don’t have to start over?

    I cannot access phpmyadmin, so I am unsure how to get the database files?


  8. I am install wordpress wrong directory i.e
    domain_name/wp how can i change directly on website
    domain_name/homepage directly
    can anyone have solution for that?

  9. Instead of deleting the Files and Database. Can I just overwrite the files? Or rename the files and database and create new. Then delete the renamed files after the restore?

  10. You've jumped a huge step at the start by just saying "we open the document root for that website". I'm not using Hostgator so I can't see this option. So what is the document root? In order to avoid making a big mistake – what folder do I delete? I'm using A2 hosting.

  11. Is there anyway to navigate and browse posts from an old backup file to retrieve some old posts?

  12. My problem is: I deleted the database!! and I just have my web files! is there any way to create a new database for it?

  13. Wow you make it so easy, thank you! 1 Question, If I create a addon domain on my hosting and then upload the backup files including the sqldatabase also, will that be enough or do I need to install wordpress first before I manually upload files? Thank you for you reply

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