Marketing Cloud Overview for Admins and Developers

Marketing Cloud Overview for Admins and Developers

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the power to customize elements of your marketing journey. Whether you’ve been coding for ages, or haven’t written a single line of code, join us and learn how to best use key elements of Email Studio, Journey Builder, and Contact Builder. You’ll also learn how to pull your data from Sales Cloud and enhance customer experience with Einstein.

Table of Contents:

04:05 – Basics of Marketing Cloud
14:54 – Data Design

24 thoughts on “Marketing Cloud Overview for Admins and Developers

  1. Loved the explanation. Specifically, I enjoyed the real life use cases paired with how it would be configured. Thank you!

  2. The links at the end seem not to be clickable, here they are:
    Trailhead: Github: youtube: (the new youtube channel is here: )

  3. No offense intended, but some of this is a little hard to understand through the accent. Love the Infinity stones reference. Thank you for this video. Super helpful!!

  4. I'm having an issue with Journey builder where I'm using Salesforce data as the entry point, but when using decision split and choosing contact data, the rule isn't being followed. An example, during a journey I want to use dynamic data with Salesforce, so if a lead gets cancelled halfway through a journey the decision spilt will take them down a path where they'll be removed from the journey. However when testing, it never seems to acknowledge the change in lead status (cancelled). Any help would be appreciated

  5. very useful in theory, but why you insist on speaking so quickly? it's super hard to understand what you're saying! Thanks for posting anyways.

  6. I would love to see a video showing how actions on a web site could be recorded in a Data Extension and used as part of a Journey. Say I have a email communication that has a call to action of visiting my site, and then picking and watching a video for your interest. Let's say one video is women's clothing, the other is men's clothing. So I want the Data Extension to have columns to record the open (with date), the click (with date), then the web site video click (with the date), and if the women's clothing then a column with Interests in it that says "women's clothing interest", or if the men's clothing then the Interests in it that says "men's clothing interest", and it they click both… both interests are recorded in the column. This would go a long way as a demo, in showing some real world interaction and typical marketing desires of knowing more about your customers interests. Thanks again for the excellent overview. Topper! Five Stars! Thumbs up!

  7. Hey guys, thanks for this GREAT video. The one to two minute videos are maddening… I love this hour long overview. And really this is just scratching the surface. Best overview I have seen of the modern Marketing Cloud platform. Also the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Office Hours are a great way to learn about Marketing Cloud. They web cast at least once a week and can answer most questions.

  8. Salesforce, can't u find Americans to work for you? Very sad and frustrating to see all the tech companies taken over by H1B / H4 visa foreigners from South India.

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