Mautic Install On Amazon AWS Server (Easy Way)

Mautic Install On Amazon AWS Server (Easy Way)

On this video you will watch me installing Mautic on an Amazon AWS server with a free account.

Mautic is an Open Marketing Automation tool that allows you to automate your marketing campaigns with as much, or even more, precision as you would with tools like Infiusionsoft, Market Hero, or HubSpot.

23 thoughts on “Mautic Install On Amazon AWS Server (Easy Way)

  1. after Installing Mautic on Amazon AWS Server Will I be able to send 62,000 emails for free every month?

  2. @8:28 – "Sexual Desires of Kyle DVD Rip" and fumble on his desire @9:14.
    Besides this, thanks for the video. I might need your help with the installation.

  3. Thank you for this awesome video! If I install Mautic in Amazon SES as in this video I don't need any other SMTP hosting server to run, right?

  4. should i Install Apache, PHP, and MySQL ? which are the pre requests for hosting any PHP application like mautic.

  5. Thanks for the video. Just a tip brah!!! you gotta be careful when you share your screen. I can most probably see some folders in the 2nd row there @ 8:26

  6. How much do you pay for aws? What do I need on aws for Mautic? I mean how much cpu, SSD, etc on aws?

  7. Thanks for the awesome video! Helped me a lot. I have a quick question – why are there 2 instances of t2.micro running? Do I need to stop the second one?

  8. My business would handle 250,000 – 500,000 emails per month. Would EC2 be cheap enough as my $2000 credits renew each year for the same account from my company

  9. hi there, is it better to install mautic on self host server then use amazon ses by pointing mx and A record to amazon?

  10. Hi. thanks for the awsome video! I have an issue, if u can help me…I followed your tuttorial and in my AWS Console is showing that Matic instance is running but when i am pasting the ip into my browser i am receiving the message: "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond." How can i fix this issue? Is there any location limitation for Mautic instance? Thanks a lot!

  11. Thank you so much for your video is right on and it works!!!! …… Please help me. There is more to configure and I am stuck. I got to the part in amazon where I have to pay for a virtual machine to be able to access the files, but the documentation doesn't show that charge.

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