MicroNugget: What are Different AWS Instance Types?

MicroNugget: What are Different AWS Instance Types?

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In this video, Jeremy Cioara covers various Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance types, the differences between them, and which is best for your specific application. AWS offers nearly a score of instance types but doesn’t do a great job of proactively explaining what they are, which is what Jeremy does here.

AWS is renowned for offering so many service options that you can create virtually any combination your business application requires. Instance types are no different, but the majority of the 18 offerings Amazon provides are not proactively explained. Jeremy digs into the various ingredients that go into each of these, including processor, memory, and hard disk storage, among other items. He also provides a key that explains the codes Amazon uses to indicate their instance types, such as General Purpose, Memory Optimized, CPU Optimized, Storage Optimized, GPU Optimized, and whether you’re dealing with the free version of a micro-sized instance.

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  1. Love your energy in your videos Jeremy – you make it super easy to grasp but please can you do an updated set of videos for the AWS SAA-C02?

  2. Love the way you zipped all the jargon and presented in 1 simple video 🙂 amazing bro! Keep up the good work!

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