Microsoft 365 Exchange Administration Deep Dive

Microsoft 365 Exchange Administration Deep Dive

This video is designed to introduce you to being an entry level IT support person who needs to administer Microsoft 365 Exchange (Previously known as Office 365).

This is a follow on from my prevous video of How to Administer Microsoft 365 –

If you are new to IT and need an introduction into Microsoft 365 this video is for you. You may have just started at an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or maybe you in an internal IT department and wish to know more about MS 365. Well watch this video.

The timestamps are below so you can skip to the part you want to watch.

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Link to script that I used for auditing login locations –

0:35 – How to get to the Exchange Admin Center in Microsoft 365
1:15 – Navigating the Exchange Admin Center
1:41 – Managing Mailboxes
7:21 – Setting up Mailbox Deligation
8:58 – Managing Groups in Exchange Admin Center
14:52 – Spam and Malware Filter Settings
23:40 – Accessing the Mail Quarantine
25:18 – Advanced Threat Protection
34:34 – Administering Exchange Through PowerShell
45:05 – Running Message Trace to find emails that have been sent and received
46:42 – Threat Management Portal
48:13 – Configuring Connectors for SMTP Relays
51:27 – Mail Rules

3 thoughts on “Microsoft 365 Exchange Administration Deep Dive

  1. Hi..thank you for insight explanation however if you can zoom in more on display so we can see clearly would be a big helps!

  2. Great stuff! The last vid was the first one to pop up when looking for "Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator training," and got me what I was looking for, (someone to friggan teach anything about admin work!

    It's been nice to have someone to learn from, and I really appreciate you making this video! With Microsoft missing any Learning paths on their certification site for Enterprise Administration, I was getting worried about how to absorb as any information about Microsoft 365 and Exchange on the admin side of things without it all being a wall-o-text @[email protected]

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