Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace (G-Suite)  - A Comprehensive Comparison (2021)

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace (G-Suite) – A Comprehensive Comparison (2021)

In Microsoft365 vs Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite), I cover some important points that you may find useful when making a decision for your organization or clients in 2021.

The topics covered are as follows (marked as chapters for easier viewing):

00:00 – Introduction
01:22- Identify your requirements
02:48 -The Unfair Advantage
04:03 – Pricing Schemes
06:53 – Plans & Pricing
09:02 – E-mail
11:43 – Storage
13:07 – Entry-Level Plans
15:11 – Collaboration
18:23 – Meet vs Teams
20:40 – Security
26:53 – Support
27:41 – Verdict

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34 thoughts on “Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace (G-Suite) – A Comprehensive Comparison (2021)

  1. If you're interested in Google Workspace, check out this video! :
    Explained: Google Workspace for Businesses.

    Would always love to hear feedback 🙏

  2. Thanks this was really helpful and your presentation skills are on point although I believe the audio mixing could improve. Also just wanted to say that In a future video if possible please make a video breaking down the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Capabilities offered by both platforms, Google Android Enterprise Management vs Microsoft Intune and possibly compare them with alternative platforms such as VMWARE Airwatch.

  3. Great review, excellent English. You present very well, confident not arrogant- such w difficult line to manage without bullshit. I’m interested in collaborating, are you? DM me if so. Thx Adam

  4. Hi. Awesome video. Thanks a lot for putting it together.

    I have a few questions though.

    I work at a non profit and we use Google Workspace for Non-profits but we also use Microsoft desktop apps (The office standard license) through a discount/donation program. If we switch to M365 business basic (which is free for non-profits) would we be able to sign into the desktop apps that we already use? Also want to be clear about what you mentioned regarding the outlook desktop app and business basic – so users won't be able to use the outlook desktop app even though we have a separate office standard license for it?

    The next one was about OneDrive with Business basic. Would we be able to use it on desktop? (Like you use dropbox for eg)

    Third is regarding signing into windows machines. If we switch to Business Basic would we be able to use our accounts to sign into these machines . If so what is the advantage of doing so for a Business Basic account over say just a regular local non-AD account (I understand that the Business premium subscription gives you a whole host of endpoint management features)

    Would appreciate any feedback. And I can attest to Google's support team as being excellent. They have been helpful, understanding and knowledgeable everytime I've contacted them.

  5. Just like my situation. I want to do work (using photoshop, revit n autocad software) on my pc at home n i want to open those file at my office without download it n reupload it. So like i save my photoshop file at home, so i dont need to download it again at my office. Which drive that can make that? One drive or google?

  6. Browser based independent of OS, mobile device accessible, free, real time collaboration, version history … Clear choice, google workspace.

  7. Great video, I'm trying to understand the alias functionality available to workspace, how it works and if there's a similar function for Microsoft 365

  8. Another excellent video. For me the Microsoft office apps beat out the google workspace apps while the custom email domain capabilities of google workspace beat out Microsoft. A shame that google does not offer and email only option at a reduced rate, and Microsoft offer a desktop app only plan. Unfortunately in some cases one needs both, pay full price for both but only use half the features from each. Great comparison 👊🏻👊🏻

  9. Hi Shaan, I would like to get in touch with you, you have produced great content, I would like to discuss a proposition with you

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