40 thoughts on “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Build 2021 Keynote (Azure, Windows, Teams Updates)

  1. Virtuous Cycle Of Respect, Trust and Candor It’s difficult to tease out the factors that make one group of peoplean effective team and another, equally talented group of peopledysfunctional one, but well-functioning, successful teams usually have chemistry that can’t be quantified. They seem to get into a virtuous cycle in which one good quality builds on another. Team members develop mutual respect, because they respect one another; they develop trust, because they trust one another; they share difficult information, because they all have the same, reasonable completeinformation; they can challenge one another’s conclusions coherently,because of spirited give-and-take becomes the norm; they learn toadjust their own interpretations in response to intelligent questions.[Harvard Business Review: Best Practice White Paper: “What Makes Great Boards Great” By Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld]A virtuous cycle of respect, trust and candor can be broken at any point.

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  5. this is all really nice, but id like to be able to print without BSOD. -got any superlatives to address that? satay nutella has taken microsoft from a company who once tried and occasionally missed the mark, to a company that acts like a impolite jerk, and you have to pay every month for the privilege. i now recommend linux mint, and libre. -try it, its free.

  6. I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t focus on some of the most daily headaches that users experience. For example when I have a compressed file other than a zip I then have to go look for a program like 7zip. Why can’t Microsoft support decompressing rar, dmg and other formats. Secondly why can’t it have more video codecs. I always run into a message that this video cannot be played. I have to download a universal codec player like the most popular one VLC which is free but why not spare users from having to download 3rd party tools. Why can’t this be built into windows?

  7. If your a IT pro looking to get Microsoft Certified, they have removed a lot of their old certs in favor of Azure Cloud certs. The problem is that, unless you have a job that works with Azure, you need to make your own Azure account to practice. If you are not careful and don’t delete your assets once your practice is done you can easily rack up 100s of dollars a month. No joke. Even one, basic low powered Virtual Machine is 8 dollars per month. Then there is all sorts of other things like VPN Gateway and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint that costs a lot just for one person to practice on their own. It’s is a total shift from the past where you could just buy a good Cert book, download Windows Server trial and load up them up on Virtual Box to practice for the Cert test.

  8. I received NEWS! Windows10X – Is the computer no longer a computer? Responsibilities are 100% Computer. Apple talk is the next generation – Microsoft is not Apple. Your job has been suspended. Thank you.

  9. I bet there will be a lot of noise if Microsoft can get it right. MS is lucky they have enough money to prevent any real competition gaining traction.

  10. Nadella makes the developer in me feel very important …..(despite the fact that I'm still struggling to reverse a linked list)

  11. Terra forming or agricultural-forestry landscape engineering… the new computing power frontier as supporting factor.
    Agricultural-and-forestry landscape engineering is the new wow factor and the new prestige factor.
    That is why the Mars project is in secret the dream of "terra forming Planet Mars" in the minds of NASA some time in the future, I guess.

  12. Can you bring windows 7 again I love it so much window's 7 was the number one I hope you can make one like that again

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