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  1. Hello Sir,
    I shared a virtual disk between two machines Windows server 2012 R2 with the option of "multi-writer", but I have the problem when I save a file from a virtual machine in the disk it does not appear imediately in the other machine. I need restart the machine for I can to see the file.
    These machines must be operational the 24 hours, so I can not restart. What I can do to see the file that I save from one machine in the other immediately?

    In VM 1, when a file (test1.txt) is added, VM 2 is not seeing this file (test1.txt). This is the same when another file (test2.txt) is added in VM2.

    VM1 is not able to view this file (test2.txt).

  2. Thanks Sajid for adding this good video..Disks that are shared between nodes. A shared disk is required as a quorum disk. In a cluster of virtual machines across physical hosts, the shared disk must be on a Fibre Channel (FC) SAN, FCoE or iSCSI.

  3. That was an awesome video… it somewhat solved my query except one… which is…lets say there are 5, 1TB LUNs, do I need the share storage of 5 TB or 100Gig will be enough since the shared datastore will only have header/pointer information about RDMs.

  4. So, in order to implement this, the boot / OS disk of the guest VM has to be on non-shared or local storage , Correct ? I have tried this with the boot disk on the shared datastore in my environment , and it does not work out. If i put the boot disk on non shared storage, we can attach the RDM's across physical hosts w/o any issues.

  5. Hey man, this is awsome but could you do an english version of this video.
    Its kinda hard to follow while its in other language, that would be a very big help.
    Thank you

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