Microsoft Exchange Online VS Exchange On premises :: Biz Tech Tips, episode 42

Microsoft Exchange Online VS Exchange On premises :: Biz Tech Tips, episode 42

On-premises Exchange (ie running Exchange on your own servers)
1) Stay in complete control- everything from backup timing to how to handle your data to mailbox size and when/if to install updates
2) More flexible customizations- it’s easier to integrate and control third-party applications
1) The hardware and license costs are quite a lot- servers cost thousands, and you need recurring licenses for each and every user and server
2) Configuration is a hassle- each update could mean the undoing of tons of configuration time, and to top it off, the configurations you set up might be more prone to security threats
3) No uptime guarantees- most companies do not have budget or plan so that servers can be up and issue-free 24/7/365

Exchange Online through Office 365
1) Easy scalability- add or subtract users easily
2) Always up to date- all updates and security patches are done quickly and seamlessly
1) Migrations problems- it’s a huge project to migrate from on-premises to online, and possibly impossible to do a seamless migration from online back to on-premises
2) Lack of control- Some things are outright banned, and you’re never given administrative access to the servers


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