Microsoft Office 365 Plans Overview (20110910_1532_00.avi)

Microsoft Office 365 Plans Overview (20110910_1532_00.avi)

I go through the different options for P1 accounts and E1-E3 accounts of Microsoft Office 365.

I want to re-do this video again because of the length and audio quality.

At the end of the video, I mentioned that I was going to walk everyone through the sign-in process but that video is 41 minutes long and the audio is out of sync. I will have to do another video at another time. The video is uploaded to YouTube at:
Still uploading…

Archived tests videos:

Community Forum Question for Size Limits of Web Apps:

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 365 Plans Overview (20110910_1532_00.avi)

  1. @compwz Comments would not let me post the link here, so I added the link to the Description above. Please view the description for the link. If you like, please send me a private message in YouTube so we can discuss this further.

  2. @compwz Here's another idea. What do you think about using SharePoint itself. Simply convert your Excel sheet into a list on SharePoint, therefore, SharePoint can handle all of the processing for you and it can be completely web based.

    I posted a question in the Office 365 Community Forums:

    You may want to add your question to this thread as well.

  3. @compwz I believe the size limit is 5MB but I am finding conflicting information on different forums that the limit is 10MB. To tell you the truth, I would not trust Office Web Apps to handle my large files like that. Using the actual application, like Excel, would be more stable.

  4. @compwz Office Web Apps is browser based applications that uses AJAX, HTML 5, and Silverlight. Imagine that the browser does not have the power or capability to perform large complex functions or handle a huge Excel, Word, or PowerPoint files. Automatically, SharePoint 2010 and SkyDrive will try to open the file in the application instead of Web Apps because the application has the power to handle these types of files.

  5. Very helpful video, Thank you. I have a question.
    I tried uploading a large excel file in both 365 and Google docs. I can not open it to edit on the 365, it tries to download and open my local EXCEL. Google docs failed to convert all together. Any advise on how to edit large or complicated Excel sheet on line on 365? Thanks!

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