Microsoft presents: The future of work keynote

Microsoft presents: The future of work keynote

When, where, and how we work is fundamentally changing. Microsoft is in a unique position to understand the secular trends that are reshaping the future of work today, and for decades to come. Learn about the risks and durable trends impacting teamwork, organizational productivity, and employee wellbeing. Jared Spataro, CVP of Modern Work, shares the latest research and a framework for success for every IT professional and business leader to empower People for the new world of work, as well as the latest innovation in Microsoft 365 and Teams empowering human ingenuity at scale.

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24 thoughts on “Microsoft presents: The future of work keynote

  1. Gitlab published information to help other companies make the transition to a fully remote organization: the future of work better known as now. They are a very successful organization and have been a fully remote for years. Maybe some of this Microsoft stuff will be helpful, but it will help you filter through what you actually need. Microsoft is just now getting into the game and will try to sell you a bunch of extras.

  2. Great presentation, but my experience with Teams has been laggy and jittery as opposed to Zoom.
    Teams seems to be far more resources hungry than other collaborative programs.
    Oh and then there is the lack of Cortana’s global footprint.

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  4. Unfortunately, the future is as divisive as the term 'diversity'. There will be no flying cars because the world is being pushed into greater and greater segmentation. Coming 'together' online is not, in fact, coming together at all, it is pulling apart.

    Every time innovation shaves a moment or two from 'work', actual time at work, for work or around work increases. Are we the creatures of leisure that technology promised or are we overwhelmed by information we cannot possibly understand, comprehend or even begin to measure?

    Lines of communication are open but so few people have anything to say that is worth listening to or hearing. People create a world in the digital domain that they cannot achieve in the real world; they lie, cheat and steal – people, places, children, experiences, hopes and dreams. They manipulate pixels with Photoshop rather than reach out and touch.

    Entire families spend time under the same roof yet never speak; never socialise and they are absorbed into tiny, isolated echo chambers that reflect themselves back, like Harry Potter's mirror of Erised; they hear only what they want to hear; they see only what they want to see and they experience life in a santitised, bright haze of pixels which, over time, traps them.

    They listen to recorded bird song rather than go outside to hear real birds; every experience is wrapped in cling-film.

    Microsoft may be in a unique position to reshape the future of work but let us not assume that the need for 'durable trends', 'impacting teamwork' and other such 'insights' are actually important to humanity as a whole – they might be, but there is nothing human about the isolation brought about by this latest 'planetary disaster' that is forcing a 'new normal' rather than forcing a cure.

    We still need to ask questions such as "is this new normal actually RIGHT?"

  5. I've using old version of microsoft 365 on my laptop (the name still office 365)but on my pc i've use latest version of microsoft 365

  6. peak 2020 I guess. we already live in the future, everything is now digital (by now I mean since march, not since 2000, the 2000 digitalization was amateurish at best), we will never get flying cars, every apocalypse happened at once (including Y2K in january but we didn't notice), time to start imagining a new future. except no one in our generation can project that far.

  7. How about a Windows phone that does the processing power for short-range Wi-Fi for a regular size glasses augmented reality glasses?

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