28 thoughts on “MongoDB (Atlas) connection using Node

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  2. I really love this.
    Thanks a lot.
    Now that we've learnt how to get data variables into the mongo DB, how do we get to fetch the same data variables out to our front end still using "ejs"

  3. hello sir, when i run the server, the server is started. But it doesn't connect to my db. (node:2192) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: queryTxt ETIMEOUT cluster0.kas9b.gcp.mongodb.net

  4. I liked the video. Can you please tell me how to terminate my cluster and delete my atlas account. this would be helpful.

  5. I tried this and I am getting the same error as I did in my node homework before – "cannot get /", this error pops up a lot when I am following instructions extremely closely, somehow the result is always the same. Can you please explain why I might be getting the error?

  6. I tried doing what u did whot postman but I get a message saying it could not send the request

  7. 13:56 line 12 `module.exports = User = mongoose.model('user', user);` shows me an error for `User` saying it must be defined. My code looks exactly the same and I still get that error, could this be due to some type of change to how Mongoose works or is there something I'm missing?

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