Ms Access database on onedrive

Ms Access database on onedrive

In this video i have shown how easily you can sit your Access database on One drive which has many benefits:
1. Multiple users can use at the same time(how ever only one can edit it)
2. You can use your database outside your office as well as your “front end” is connected to the backend which is in “oneDrive”

Note: All users must sign in with the same Microsoft id on all PCs so they can access the backend.

let me know if you have any question on my Fiver gig.

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14 thoughts on “Ms Access database on onedrive

  1. Good evening sir, I wanted to know if we share an access database with google drive between two computers, is it possible to lose data when both users enter new data?

  2. Dear Ahmed, thanks for the lesson, it's a nice demo.
    i've another question, how can i lock the design of Front End interface?

  3. How to re-unite the access database… Just in case we need in future for connecting it to APP based platform…

  4. If I connected my back-end to one drive.. How to add or edit any new query or form … Do we have to complete the overall design the whole database 1st and then go to splitting of database.

  5. The big limitation of installing ms access database on Cloud storage like one drive,Dropbox ,Google drive etc…is that the database can not be simultaneous accessed by two or more users of which the main reason which we use cloud storages is to improve accessibility of the database than storage…What can be used to get the database to be used semiteniously by more than one user?

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