My Cloud Pro Series - A New Age Plex Media Solution?

My Cloud Pro Series – A New Age Plex Media Solution?

This video is a paid sponsorship from WD®.

WD® has given me the opportunity to put the new, My Cloud PR 4100 device to the test through this exciting sponsorship.

Long gone are the days where a pre-built home NAS lacks the power to be a real Plex Media Server. I find out just how much transcoding it can really handle.

The My Cloud Pro PR4100 device also offers many ways to help protect your data with multiple RAID and backup options, both local and remote.

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38 thoughts on “My Cloud Pro Series – A New Age Plex Media Solution?

  1. I have a few questions

    1. Can I select the hard drive among the 4 in which I want to store my files?

    2. Will the device work if I have inserted only 3 hard drives instead of 4?

  2. Hi Jason I have 4 drives that have media (movies) from an Unraid server. Whats the best way to transfer or add these disks and media to my pr4100 to use from now on?

  3. I peaked at 8 streams on an older mac pro. My much newer Windows machine seems to be way less impressive around 6 streams. More than 10 streams on a single machine that is not using a threadripper would be very impressive

  4. I had a QNAP 4 bay NAS in Raid 10 which suffered a config file corruption and I lost all of my data, Bought a Synology and so far so good.

  5. RAID 5 is risky on large arrays because of uncorrectable read errors during rebuilds.

  6. So other than the ability to be accessed by more users at once, how is this drive any different than my using Plex to read from a regular external hard drive?

  7. Jason, I bought the pr4100 24TB version. It works very well with Plex but I have filled it up, do you have any videos on how to increase the storage ? I was thinking about getting 4 *10tb drives and installing, but is it that simple? Many thanks ..

  8. Hi, I have a question about this nas drive. Thinking of buying My Cloud PR 4100, with out drives. I have two 3TB drives from my other NAS. Can I use them for my new NAS and add two 8TB hard drives. So that would stand 8+3+8+3. And some time in the future I would change it to all 8TB hard drives. Or it has to be all 8TB hard drives. Other than that, thanks for your videos, they ar very usefull. ;o)

  9. Ok question I have 8 external hard drives of 8tb if I opened them up they are just 3.5" sata drives right? so I could plug them into this without having to purchase more drives? Also I have seagate drives as I have had nothing but problems with WD drives would those work in this?

  10. Very helpful video! I plan on moving to a new place next summer and hope to use the opportunity to upgrade my server. I was considering replacing my current Nvidia SHIELD server and separate (RAID 1) 8TB NAS with the PR4100. I wanted to do 2 volumes in RAID 1 for 16TB total (assuming I went with 8TB drives which I probably will do, I'm aware of the value that comes from shucking USB hard drives), but RAID 5 sounds super enticing. 24TB and the same amount of protection… Makes me foam at the mouth. Definitely gonna try and get one of these!

  11. I love your channel. You really explain things well and ask the questions that the rest of us care about. Thank you for continuing to produce such good content and further your Youtube Career. Many, many people know of you now — like at Microcenter, Fry's, etc. The sub-number doesn't show the true reach of your channel.

  12. Four 8TB drives in RAID5 is a disaster waiting to happen. Anything over 2TB in drive size runs a very real risk of a 2nd drive dying during the rebuild which would result in all your data being lost. Add a 5th drive with a different type enclosure and use RAID 6 or 10.

  13. I have a question…stupid one at that, but a question none the less. Does each movie file need to be in its own folder for PLEX to see it or can the movies just be lumped in to one folder and still be read/seen?

  14. Never go with RAID-5! If a drive fails, and you are gonna replace that, while resilvering it stresses the other disks and the change of failure of another drive, is very likely. You will lose all your data.

  15. I Enjoyed your video on the My Cloud Pro PR4100. It just so happens I have been pulling my hair out trying to find out what NAS to use. I was looking at using the Netgear Night Hawk x10. I can install the server on it and plug my 2 TB drive in it. Then I was looking at the TerraMaster F2-220 2-bay NAS Drive Intel Dual Core 2.41GHz 2GB RAM PLEX DLNA Media Server Personal Cloud Storage. So if nothing eles it gives me more to consider. Did you do a video on the Netgear Night Hawk x10? I was not able to find one.


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