My Thoughts About The Reduced Plans At Siteground 😢

My Thoughts About The Reduced Plans At Siteground

Here are the answers to common questions I get:
1. Will the number of websites be reduced to 2 when I renew my Grow Big plan? Answer: No, you will keep the unlimited plan! 😊
2. Should I leave Siteground? Answer: It depends. When you have the Grow Big account with 3 or more websites I would definitely stay for the $ 24,99 and the option to add new domains.
3. If I would start, should I use Siteground? Answer: No, I recommend NameHero. It is cheaper and has the same quality.
4. How do I transfer my websites to another web-hosting provider? Answer: Here I explain how to do that:

Again, Siteground is not a bad web hosting provider, but their focus is now on bigger companies which makes it not the best fit for upcoming or beginning companies. I will not promote them anymore since they do not fit in the vision of this channel anymore which is: Providing video tutorials about high-quality tools for an affordable price. The quality is high at Siteground, but the price is not ‘affordable’ anymore.

35 thoughts on “My Thoughts About The Reduced Plans At Siteground

  1. Hey Ferdy… thanks for another great video… given I'm writing this in Oct 21 does your recommendation still hold? Also as an aside I have been a sitground customer for 12 months and like you found them great at the start, but now they seem to be constantly doing things to make it hard and their service has been limited to chat only. I"m paying heaps more and getting a heap less. your thoughts are appreciated.. Owen

  2. Hoi Ferdy,
    Je moet nu eens bij SiteGround kijken wat ze gedaan hebben. Ze hebben de originele "Plans" hersteld. Bizar.

    Groet Eduard

  3. Thank you Ferdy. I had been using Siteground since 2016 and have 3 accounts, plus other 10 accounts that I manage for clients. As they get near their renewal I will start moving them away from Siteground. I will try NameHero.

    I also noticed that NameHero's Inodes allowed for the Turbo Cloud account is 500,000 compared to Siteground's 300,000 for the Grow Big. In one of my Siteground accounts, I still had 40% of unused RAM space when I hit the INODE limit.

    Is the Turbo Cloud 3GB RAM limit its Disk limit? If yes, that's a downside to NameHero (I am comparing Turbo Cloud vs Grow Big) Siteground's Grow Big Disk Space is 20GB. If NameHero's limit is 3GB, it may only be enough to fit 3 to 6 websites per account!

  4. I appreciate your expertise and your integrity so much. You are a blessing to many, both near and far. Keep doing what you love and for the people who genuinely applaud and support your efforts. BTW – Your son sounds adorable, made my heart smile.

  5. How are you? I learn a lot from your videos thank you bro! I'm not sure if you know but as of 6/4/2021 they do in fact have unlimited for grow big

  6. Did they revert the change? Im not seeing the same prices as you anymore and the middle plan says unlimited websites for me

    edit: yes they did revert it, which is awesome

  7. I am speaking with support on chat and this is what they said about GrowBig being 2 sites: "I'm sorry if there was any misunderstanding surrounding the issue. The GrowBig plans were temporarily limited to 2 websites, however the limit was lifted. You can now host unlimited websites on your GrowBig plan again "
    And the yearly price is $299.88. I've got 4 sites hosted there currently and plan on adding more… so I guess that's a decent price, right?

  8. Thanks alot Ferdy. My 1year with site ground is actually ending next month. Now I'll have to move. Regards from Kenya.

  9. Another great video. Thank you sooooo much!

    What do you think of the hosts raidboxes or webgo?

    At the moment I'm still with all-incl. They got very bad and got very slow.
    Sometimes you wait up to 15 seconds when I click the button edit with elementor.
    I actually wanted to switch to sideground too, but i find the new plans completely meaningless

  10. Thank you Fredy.
    The only issue I have with name hero is the interface seems too old when you compare it to site ground. Also, the customer service of name hero is slow to respond when you need help.

  11. They all become greedy during pandemic cos they know most ppl now work from home and need to have an online presence and therefore website.
    It will not be long before all of them start charging more.
    Currently, i am with Hostinger which is by far the cheapest since I am a beginner its great..

  12. I have been with them since 2007 or 2008, I am still with them, but I won't renew it after my current contract expires.

  13. Thanks bro for this wonderful video. I was about to purchase siteground this month end… and second option is namehero… now I will definitely going with them… Thanks

  14. Thanks Feddy. I literally just had a conversation with siteground support 3 days ago because of the same thing. Had a few clients who sent me their renewal email and the price is extremely how for small business owners who were not expecting a jump in cost like that. Looking for a different quality host to recommend to my clients.

  15. I agree totally. I love(d) Siteground. They were perfect for me too. I host loads of sites for charities and non-profit organizations. With these changes Siteground will become FAR too expensive, so I will have to migrate them all – what a pain!!!

  16. I was supposed to be a long-term SiteGround user, but as an Asian user, they stopped services in the Asian region, WHILE I was setting up a client website. Never again. Been a happy Cloudways user ever since.

  17. Voor Ideal betalings alternatief raad ik aan een debit kaart via Wise ( Transferwise ) te nemen, Geld sturen van je bank naar de Wise app kan met Ideal.

  18. I can see in your eyes this hurts, i was about to recommend my client to go to Siteground, but now i think i bring them to ionos, and also looking for other options. ( i'm myself with iosos for 12 years ).

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