NameHero - We Try Harder - Premium Web Hosting That's Blazing Fast And Affordable

NameHero – We Try Harder – Premium Web Hosting That's Blazing Fast And Affordable

Hey everyone and welcome to NameHero!

In this video I talk about our premium #webhosting packages that we offer on top of our high speed cloud to provide blazing fast website load times that’s secure and affordable!

Rather you’re a small business, an individual, or an agency looking for #resellerhosting, we’ve got a package to help you.

You can learn more about our high speed web hosting here:

12 thoughts on “NameHero – We Try Harder – Premium Web Hosting That's Blazing Fast And Affordable

  1. Buying today due to Ferdy’s recommendation and other review videos and tests. Plus your videos are very helpful!

  2. Hi Ryan! Welcome back to Youtube!

    Can you do a video about cPanel disable_functions for mail and sendmail? What's the difference if you disable these for security

  3. Hello Ryan,
    Recently purchased Business Cloud for my cousin, If i had to choose a different litespeed server based hosting it would be because they have Datacenters in australia aswell, you guys offering datacenters in australia anytime soon ? because my site takes twice as much time to load in australia than it does in US.

  4. Hey Ryan, I recently purchased both the Business cloud and Turbo cloud and need to increase speed because I have plug-in heavy sites ..At your end what are top 3 to 5 things things do you recommend at your hosting end to speed up the sites? Cloud flare Railgun etc .. I’m a newbie but willing to get technical..Your service rocks by the way 🙂

  5. No doubt this is the best hosting company, choosing NameHero is the best decision any website developer/designer/owner will take, they have a robust support service too!
    I really hope NameHero will continue providing the excellent service.

    Congrats on your new design 😉

  6. Always great to see NameHero tutorials coming along on these festive days. My favourite platform ever thx to Darell Wilson for introducing me to NameHero.

    Congrats on your new redesign website Ryan, looks fantastic

  7. Hello
    I was a Plus Cloud subscriber then I upgrade to Turbo Cloud.
    Did my site files move to Turbo Cloud by default?
    Because I noticed the Inodes is still 250,000, not 500,000 in cPanel.

  8. i have a question : i want to host a woocommerce new shop , do you recommende the starter OR the plus plan ? keeping in mined that i won't host any other website with it " if you said that i should choose the PLUS PLAN " thank you

  9. Recently purchased your hosting at Black Friday sale.
    Initially I was sceptical but Damn I LOVED YOUR SERVICE.
    Your customer support impressed me alot.
    I got helpful replies within 5 minutes.
    Keep up the great work 👍👍

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