NEM: Used by Central Banks, Works with Stellar and Ripple!

NEM: Used by Central Banks, Works with Stellar and Ripple!

NEM: Used by Central Banks, Works with Stellar and Ripple!

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21 thoughts on “NEM: Used by Central Banks, Works with Stellar and Ripple!

  1. I’ve been trying to buy this coin for months and I finally figured it out along with other coins. Now it’s a race tell December 😂

  2. I noticed you have expertise in NEM (XEM) and thought I'd ask for your contribution to an app I’m working on. We’re seeking people such as yourself that have expertise to record short videos answering questions that help others learn. Can you answer the following question?

    1. What is the Consensus method of NEM (XEM)?

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  3. You will still have XEM tokens when you opt-in this December. This means you will have both XEM and XYM or double the tokens, but you must have your XEM tokens in the NEM wallet before the snapshot in December. Symbol (XYM) will launch closer to the end of the year and should be available in most participating exchanges. The latest NEM wallet was just updated a couple of days ago and the opt-in process is in effect.

  4. Thank you DAD. That was good info! NEM has long lasting staying power and major utility. More money more money-where is it LOL

  5. You should look into Mbanq, they use ripplenet and world wire it's a easy to use banking platform you can basically build your own bank on.

  6. thanks dad , im so excieted about xrp , xlm and NOW nem!

    i just set up my SMSF and im loading up on these bad boys for the LONG HODL

  7. Why are you shilling this shit man.. seriously wtf? Theres nothing to go deep on its bullshit lol

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