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  1. Unfortunately there is no exchange support email in new outlook, do you know when will it come??

  2. Hi, how does one change display name ( Full name under Personal Infomation =) on the new outlook for mac ?

  3. I have been trying to add an attachment to the meeting feature without success. Can someone help me with this? Thanks Dawn

  4. WHY doesn’t it support OFT files from PC? I have to design them regularly for work and I hate using two computers

  5. I cannot use the calendar in the new outlook. It doesn't allow me to click any bottom on the calendar's interface, although I am 365 office subscriber. When I switch back to old version outlook, everything works as usual. Can somebody please suggest me how to fix?

  6. I have a customer who the latest version of outlook won't connect to any legacy email server including Exchange 2016! Nice one Microshaft.

  7. Why i cant move the email in pop out view??? How to put 2 emails side to side like before??? Why its behaving like outlook on an ipad??? WTF ARE YOU DOING????

  8. few questions
    1 is this right off the outlook app or the website of outlook?
    2 when we create our rules, why is there no notification/alert there is a new message? it does when goes to the inbox

  9. The stupidest thing they ever did was mess up the folder pane (aka navigation pane) to limit it's width. This is killing me!

  10. I still can't set a rule to delay all my outgoing emails :(. Will this feature come out anytime soon?

  11. From what I understand IMAP is in BETA but POP might not be able to be implemented and everyone will have to put in a feature request for it. In other words, customers might need to consider another email program if POP is a requirement.

  12. I get a warning message that my "folders on the computer will not be migrated" … do you know why this is and what I can do to fix it?

  13. How can we see the "items on the folder" like we used to do in the former version of Outlook?

  14. Hello. I am using outlook 2021 on a Mac. I sent an email by mistake. I was able to “edit” it and type in a new message and sent that. I want to make sure that the mistake will not go through. It seems to be ok as I cannot see the mistake. But how do I know if the recipients can see it? I hope not. Please advise. Thank you.

  15. How can I reduce the folder list like the inbox and the sent items. I was able to so it in the previous Outlook version. Can i still do it in this new version? I can't seem to find that option.

  16. How can I still show my flagged messages on top of my organised recent messages by date? This feature was excellent. Has it been removed?

  17. “You are not replying to the latest message in this conversation. Click here to open it” no longer works on my Mac. How can I fix this? Has this happened to anyone else????

  18. Need to know how to add Rooms in outlook desktop for Mac. I can't find this information online anywhere. Employees need to be able to view a room to see if it is booked for use or not.

  19. In old outlook there was a button to get all conversations from the email instead of changing my view options. In new outlook I dont see it. Any workaround?

  20. 0:21 – "Right away you'll notice a difference." Indeed. All the buttons in the toolbar that used to be in easy-to-spot colors are now all monochromatic outlines and they're much harder to tell apart. 🙁
    And instead of having a bunch of buttons (delete, archive, move, etc.) with the names under them, you have just a few, with the names next to them. That is NOT an efficient use of space.
    Fail, fail, fail. I'll stick with the old UI until you take it away.

  21. When I click on the "New Outlook" Button, I get a popup saying "the following accounts are not supported in the new Outlook and will not be migrated". But the following link shows just a few Outlook groups, used for shared calendars for example. AND it shows only 3 of about 10 groups, that were all created the same way. Any idea what I can do? I'd like to work with the new Outlook, but I need those groups to work.

  22. I just updated to 365 subscription for my Mac computer from Microsoft 2011 so I could update to Catalina. The Folder function in Outlook does not work using my gmail account and it won’t let me set up Xfinity emails to the system. For a program that’s suppose to work with Apple, it certainly does NOT!

  23. I cannot see the MS teams presence in Outlook 16.42 update? is there any workaround available?

  24. How do I search or go to a Specific Folder, if this doesn't exist, it's really needed for power users. On Windows, I use SimplyFile 4 to quickly file and jump to folders etc but on Mac nothing of the sort exists to my knowledge.

    Please add that functionality.

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