NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

So excited about this new server. Huge thanks to Linus for helping me out:

Linus Video –

IronWolf Pro 10tb drive –
45 Drives AV15 15-bay Professional Storage Server:
Protect your data like a pro with unRAID:
Kingston 1tb SSD –


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Sony A7s ii –
Sony A7 iii –
Sony rx100 v5 –
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33 thoughts on “NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

  1. 10:35 Who else is wondering why Ijustine just sat there putting drives in while the fire alarm is going off 😂😂

  2. Great video and very vivid presentation. Couldn't resist watching till the end.
    Wished I had CAT 6 in our home, too.

  3. im pretty tech savy…Ethernet that goes to my router? That made my night not gonna lie. side note the Storage UGH YESSSS love that organizational style.

  4. Just say that they use ECC (Error correcting codes). Parity takes you back to paper tape error. ECC requires a read/write cycle. In 1980 I tried to integrate ECC into the RAM refresh cycle. Since the number of additional bits is proportional to the logarithm of the number of bits, the 1024 columns of the RAM then would require 11 additional columns. The increase cost of EEC memory would be about 11%. But then you have built in ECC, not just a cludge added by a controller.

  5. I need a laptop…I belong from a poor family…if you want to help & give me please reply here I will give you my Location & details..🙏

  6. Its really crazy I want a 100 Tb one but they come to say one for 20,000 dollars , you know that`s a lot . Can you suggest me one around some for 15,000 dollars well thats a good price for server hard drive

  7. There are so many crossovers with this stuff, I mean is this a NAS or a server, seems like its a NAS, and what is the advantage of a Server over a NAS when all you need is redundancy, and perhaps speed for working live form the NAS.

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