NextGen - The Rackspace Cloud is Now OPEN

NextGen – The Rackspace Cloud is Now OPEN

Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier is joined by Robert Scoble, Rackspace CTO John Engates and Rackspace VP of Product, Mark Interrante in this video in which they announce the Rackspace Cloud move to Openstack is now official. Also joining the panel is Tom Lounibos, CEO of Soasta, who explains how Openstack is right solution around CloudTest.

Rackspace is excited to announce that the Rackspace Cloud is now powered by OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system defined by a community of thousands of developers and hundreds of organizations including NASA, IBM, Red Hat, Morphlabs and Piston Cloud Computing. The Rackspace Cloud is the world’s first available large-scale, production-ready OpenStack cloud backed by our award winning Fanatical Support.

The next generation Rackspace Cloud offers a cloud architecture comprising a host of new and enhanced Rackspace products, including Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, Cloud Databases, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks and a new Control Panel.

Customers can sign up for Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack now through a “Limited Availability” program. To ensure the best experience and to accommodate customer demand, we will begin onboarding a limited number of customers May 1. We will continue granting access to new customers during the program so that in a few short months we expect that the OpenStack-based Rackspace Cloud will be open to everyone.

With Cloud Servers now powered by OpenStack and coupled with Cloud Files, the OpenStack object storage platform, we are truly driving innovation and progress as the foundation for the future of cloud computing, which we firmly believe will be based on open standards.

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