Node.js & Express From Scratch [FINAL] - Deploying Our App

Node.js & Express From Scratch [FINAL] – Deploying Our App

In this final video [FOR NOW], we will deploy our Node.js and Express application to Digital Ocean. We will install a Node process manager and even connect a domain name


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29 thoughts on “Node.js & Express From Scratch [FINAL] – Deploying Our App

  1. @Brad Traversy what do I do with the .env variables? The documentation states to create a .yaml file with a specific object notating that variable should have SECRET labeled within object in the .yaml file. I'm not sure how to go about this because I've never done anything like that before. I'm new to this and very nervous about submitting the .env variable information without having a specific walk through on how to do this.

  2. "it's not a perfect world" the first time someone makes sense with his words….anyway i MUST thank you so much 'cause you have teached me so much ..thank you from the bottom of my heart

  3. How many ports do you get on a vps in need one for MySQL and one for node is that possible ? And can you make a explanation vid on how vps work

  4. I noticed that when I tried to login with a non-existent user, it gives both "Logged in" and "User not found" messages at the same time when redirected to "/login".

    How to fix this?

  5. I want to personally say a big thank you, and I just donated to your cause. This complete video series cost some money on regular online teaching platforms. 2 years later, and I am still learning a lot from this video.. Thanks Traversy.

  6. I need to sent up an express endpoint to listen for webhooks. However, the webhook requires HTTPS. So I've got my domain set up to use HTTPS, but I've already deployed my React App to . How do I

    a) deploy my node in addition to the react app, so it can listen at as endpoint


    b) install SSL on my entire server => then I can just tell the webhook to post to as my endpoint

  7. Actually you never fixed the dynamic page navigation function. 🙂 Setting "active" each time you're changing pages. To fix it use this:

    This may be helpfull as well:

  8. Man, I can never thank you enough for everything, literally everything that I currently do from my freelance work to my full time job currently, would never have been possible without your videos, and for that sir I am forever grateful to your kindness and mentorship through YouTube at least, God bless you, and wishing you all the best that life can offer =]

  9. I have created an website with angular and send email is implemented using nodejs api. I am not getting how to host the nodejs api code along with angular app on cPanel. Please make a video on it.

  10. I have a question, since the app was not so big (size or storage). Could I use most of those 20Gb as storage for DBs ?

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