Office 365 Email vs Microsoft Exchange Server

Office 365 Email vs Microsoft Exchange Server

What are the differences between email in Office 365 versus in-house email through Microsoft Exchange Server?  In this session Mike Molsen, Chief Technology Officer for discusses the differences he has seen in installing Office 365 email for several of his clients.  It comes down to the cost and benefits of Microsoft’s cloud based email versus a traditional self hosted solution.  Mike is an expert at both and offers his insights.

23 thoughts on “Office 365 Email vs Microsoft Exchange Server

  1. I set up my exchange email on my iPhone but i cant see any emails if the Microsoft outlook is running on my pc, only when i close the program on my pc emails will appear on my iPhone “ only new emails appear old ones will not “ and whenever I open the Microsoft outlook on my pc all the email I received on my iPhone will disappear again. Plz help

  2. So everything which has been spoken about here concerning a plus or a minus 365 Vs Exchange is so weak it's laughable. Not a single word spoken in favour of 365 was a convincing one. Sorry but if you can do IT then there is no reason not to have an onsite Exchange server. What a waste of time listening with this video…

    However if you don't have the money to invest in house and need to spread your expenses then fine 365 does that. That's it, nothing else is addressed other than the redundancy aspect. But again it's easy to build in redundancy for Exchange Server.

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  4. hi, is there any way we can set my digital signature in only one equipment such my Laptop so I don't have to do the signature settings on each one of my equipment? as you may be aware iOs is difficult to add a digital signature on e-mail accts.

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  6. Who would host an Exchange server on site vs in the Colo/Data center. This vid should only be about Office 365 Vs "Hosted" Exchange 2013/2016, worthless!

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  8. Why would you trust a 3rd party with data? Also how do you know where you data goes? Looks to me another vulnerability "on" the network. I still say to my customers, use indoor datasotarage only

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  11. Office 365 is a managed service built on top of their Assure platform, providing a suite of Microsoft Applications. Reality is almost EVERY business runs some but probably very few run all of them. However, almost every business runs other programs that are not by Microsoft so its not a complete solution and could well create as many issues as it solves !! Would you host your AD on a hosted platform or use Office365 as an extension? Office 365 is CERTAINLY not the answer for every company and the larger the business the higher the costs get compared to in house solutions. I would suggest company owners understand the risks and issues before migrating, and instruct an IT expert for advice, not just an Office365 salesman hoping to make a quick buck migrating the users. My advice??? think VERY carefully

  12. costs are astronomical for company as big at the one I work for, currency exchange rate R13 to $1, $4pm = R52pm per person x that by the 18000 employees = R11.2 million per anum and that is excluding bandwidth

  13. Cloud = A service which has been around for decades and is defined by a server in someones building who has more money to provide larger generators, improved SLA on line provisions. Stop with the smoke and mirrors to the general public and base Techies, it's embarrassing for you and us!  Is it not 'better', it boils down to a choice between whether the customer is happy for someone else to have immediate access to their data or not.

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