Office 365 Tutorial  How to setup archiving for a mailbox

Office 365 Tutorial How to setup archiving for a mailbox

Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to setup archiving for a mailbox. When mail gets to be a certain age you can auto move it to a new archive location. This can speed up the working mailbox for a user.

15 thoughts on “Office 365 Tutorial How to setup archiving for a mailbox

  1. Thanks for help Videos ! I'm Global administrator im my Company, but even having this permission ican't choose the size of archieving quota, just stay grey for me. Can you help me ? Thanks a lot.

  2. Great vid. I might be missing something, but I cannot see the utility of Archive mailboxes, over just using retention? If for example, my retention policy is to delete all content after four years, what would be the benefit of moving it to Archive after two? You mention searches – for the users or for the organisation (eDiscovery).

  3. So this is not like when we archived emails in the 2010 desktop version? I was trying to archive emails in an exchange account I got 3 years ago and it's doing nothing. Archive folder is empty. I've been offered an archiving service for which I have to pay I've been told. I have a very small business and email is very important to me but I'm not understanding how all this works now with Office 365 and I don't know if people are just pushing to sell me unnecessary things or if I'm doing something wrong. All I want is to free up space since I have almost used up my storage, but not delete the messages entirely. Any advice?

  4. Thanks for the explanation. Isnt the physical storage of archive different from default mailbox storage? Is there a way we can define that?

  5. Thanks for the vid! If using Outlook 2016 at client site, does the Archive folder get cached to Outlook, or is it simply read from the server when accessed (ie Outlook is in quasi webmail mode). Many thanks

  6. Thanks for the video. What are the licensing requirements? Also, what happends after the retention is met, do the emails get deleted?

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