OpenVZ Linux Virtual Private Servers Web Hosting | Hostinq1 Australia

OpenVZ Linux Virtual Private Servers Web Hosting | Hostinq1 Australia

OpenVZ Linux Virtual Private Servers (OpenVZ VPS) Web Hosting – Total root access, guaranteed CPU quotas and SSD storage with all OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers. We provide you with a number of web accelerators to raise the loading speeds of your web sites, integrated in our free of cost web hosting Control Panel. You can easily pick data center location and also your server’s Operating System. We provide several complete server backups a week. 24×7 tech support. Zero installation charges.

The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania

Following many weeks of in–depth looking, we’ve eventually found and made our decision of Australia based data center that fits our high criteria as related to connectivity, power and cooling options. The Amaze datacenter, situated in the heart of Australia’s largest city – Sydney.

Using our Australia based data center, you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding website loading rates for the websites you’ve hosted there. Furthermore, as we’ve been allowed to build our personal internal network, we do guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime for any web site and any server which is situated in our Australia based data center.

At the Australia based data center we offer shared services, OpenVZ virtual private servers and Linux semi-dedicated servers. So, whether you are seeking to host a personal site, such as a blog, a portfolio, a tiny online store, a large company site, a media–rich site or perhaps, a development server – we’ve got you covered!

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