OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)

OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)

► Take a look at the OVH Dedicated Servers :

► OVh’s Server production :’s server production at BHS: a well-oiled machine’s Beauharnois datacenter has the capacity to host 360 000 servers.
Applying the same logistics that makes OVH the number one web hosting
provider in Europe, servers produced at BHS are available in less than an
hour, after undergoing rigorous quality control. This is all achieved while
minimizing the environmental impact by using water cooling technology
developed by and the proximity to a hydroelectric dam.

12 thoughts on “OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)

  1. People are booting other people offline.. useing ovh servers.. I home u find the leak quick.. Because i will find these fucks who are hitting people offline.. And also fbi and cia are allready informed.. Just to let you know..

  2. Purchased a VPS with this company. Installed my OS (Arch Linux), installed firefox and teamviewer… next day received an email that my server had been terminated due to a violation of my contract. Called customer support and their answer was basically to buy another VPS. Will do, but never will I use their services again.. nor do I recommend to anyone else!

  3. OVH is crap. I used them for 3 months, and everyone of my HDD disks failed, and this happened 3 times over only a 3 month period. They use crap hard disks. And the service is lowsy. Takes them two days just to replace a disk, while your websites are completely down. And this happens every month. Don't go near them. You will be sorry.

  4. I have 8 SP SSD dedicated servers from them. All those staff in the datacenter? Yet not a single one of them can find a server for my clients to be on? Yeesh.

  5. That quality? I had to change a server 3 times to get one that could have a nice performance. Of course OVH always said that "our servers work fine, the p`roblem it's you". The OVH way ….

  6. Must say I'm a big fan of OVH. We currently have 210 servers with them. Spread over BHS, RBX and SBG. Prices and quality cannot be beat.

    Also very excited to see the changes to the SP line and the reduction in price.

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