ownCloud Setup Ubuntu Server

ownCloud Setup Ubuntu Server

Check out today’s Tech News headlines at Here we walk through the entire process of setting up a fully functioning ownCloud server via Ubuntu server on macOS.

This is the document with the commands to download ownCloud…

16 thoughts on “ownCloud Setup Ubuntu Server

  1. Hi, I was able to perform this on Ubuntu 20.04 but for some reason the database gets "temperamental" and I have to run : systemctl restart MySQL, any ideas? Thank you. Great video.

  2. Will this work on Catalina plus do yo you have to have a server to get owncloud but once this is up and running will this work on all devices.

  3. Getting this at the install owncloud portion.
    Package owncloud is not available, but is referred to by another package.

    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or

    is only available from another source

    However the following packages replace it:


    E: Package 'owncloud' has no installation candidate

  4. Not to necro an old video but, after flushing privileges in mysql i went to the site as listed and it just says it cant be found on this server

  5. i have a 404 not found when i try and connect to its the correct ip address for my server but cannot find owncloud.

  6. I have an older netbook. I want install owncloud over centos minimal. Its possible install a second HD in USB and make this: on netbook hd the file server and the USB HD a copy of the netbook (like Raid 1)?
    Tks for your tutorial. You have done a awesome work with this tutorial.

  7. How do you do a port forward without the airport utility? Is there a set of commands I can do on ubuntu server?

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