Physical Server VS Virtual Server

Physical Server VS Virtual Server

What are the differences between a Physical Server and a Virtual Server?

– The physical server is subject to breakdowns typical of any physical machinery. Adding the power cuts. The virtual server on the contrary is a 100% cloud system and therefore is not based on any type of physical machinery or hardware.

– With the physical server our information is at constant risk if we do not make backups or we have an automatic backup system and the staff is responsible for reviewing them constantly. A virtual server has a system for creating and managing daily backups, which is not managed by the client but by the company providing the hosting service and therefore the client can rest assured that their information is secure and will not be lost.

– A physical server, being a hardware device, means that, in the event of any breakdown of the same, it means for the customer a high economic outlay in terms of repairs, needing to hire highly qualified technical staff for the task may also have linked maintenance contracts. With a virtual server we forget about costs of repairs and contracts. The company providing the virtual server responds and is solely responsible for any possible incident that may arise, taking care of everything, for the peace of mind of the client.

– Any type of server, whether physical or virtual, needs to be operational 24 hours a day. With the physical server, it is the client who pays for the extra cost of energy: electricity, air conditioning for the cooling of the machine, etc… With the virtual server this does not happen, being everything in charge of the company, without any extra cost for the client.

– The physical server takes up space in our office being the least suitable. The virtual server on the other hand avoids us having to depend on any area within our company where to fix it.

If you need a virtual server for your business, whether hosting sites and Web applications, online games, business management applications, storage and backup, etc., Neotel has its own range of Data Center Products including Linux Virtual Machines, Windows and Dedicated Server. Choose the server modality that best suits your needs and at the best price.

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