11 thoughts on “Plesk | How to Add Domains | Host Multiple Websites on Single DigitalOcean Droplet with FREE SSL

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  2. great videos, can you please suggest me an affordable control panel for personal use at digitalocean ( to run my blogs 3 to5 ),

  3. Great video! I have a website on plesk and want to move to digitalocean(on plesk). Can this be done through plesk. I see a website import button there..or any other way.

  4. So what about the zone records in plesk for each domain? do these actually do anything? or should we be setting plesk domains DNS settings to "slave" and add all those entries to the primary DNS???

  5. Hi,
    I make website from outside developer. So how can I find,how many websites have hosted on digital ocean droplats, my developer also have used plesk. So please teach me how can I keep safe my website or droplets too

  6. when you click on IP address under webspace settings, i saw shared and dedicated… what is the dedicated ip for????

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