Pointing Your Domain to Your Web Host

Pointing Your Domain to Your Web Host

Sometimes you end up with a hosting account with one company and your domain with another. In cases like this, you need to point your domain to your host.

This is done by updating you domains nameserver.

This video shows you how this is done.

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28 thoughts on “Pointing Your Domain to Your Web Host

  1. I bought a domain and I bought WordPress for Dummies. I'm at the point where I'm supposed to open cpanel with https://domain.com:2083. Nothing comes up. And I downloaded Putty file but I still don't know what to do. Can you work with me. I'll pay you somehow.

  2. I think you have to do some more things ao the hosting provider to successfully show the website that we want.

  3. i register a domain name in siteground then i changed the domain name also in siteground but when you do that you have to set the new domain as a primary domain i did not backup the old domain i really do not want the old domain or the data on it. My problem is i can't enter the dash board of wordpress on the new domain the support team told me to point my domain to their server i mean siteground i do not know how to do that because its different in siteground and the new domain is hosted in parklogic.com how can that happen if i chose the new domain name from siteground
    please help

  4. As slobo said below, this may be simple for so many, but incredibly helpful for beginners like me who know nothing! Thank YOU! Just gained a subscriber and I'll check out your course! As a Chorus Director, I always have to remind myself that some singers are just starting out where I was 20 years ago. Thanks again!

  5. How did you come up with ns6381.hostgator.com ? Was it given? I was only provided the first part of the name, so is it recommended that I add the .hostgator.com at the end?

  6. What if I'm hosting a website on a subdomain but I want to point it my other existing domain. For instance: sample.subdomain.com => sample.com

  7. Go to www.gochicky.com, they are great. They offer great services at reasonable rates. They answer their phones 24/7 should you need anything.

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